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The Natural Cure for a Hangover – Asparagus

Most of us have experienced that sickening feeling after a night of too much alcohol. The aching head, the dry mouth, and the sick to your stomach feeling. Wouldn’t it be nice to reach for a natural cure instead of acetaminophen, which just adds to the stress of an already overworked liver? Well, asparagus may help you when you wake up in the morning regretting that late-night revelry.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy – New Treatment for Shoulder Pain and Rotator Cuff Injuries

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) provides a natural way to heal shoulder pain and some rotator cuff injuries. This new treatment provides a more holistic approach to treating joint pain that is all too commonly treated with unnecessary surgery. Surgery provides no promise of cure or pain relief. Many having shoulder surgery end up with lasting pain. PRP provides a novel, non-surgical approach to treating rotator cuff injuries and shoulder pain.

It’s All About Energy: Helping Your Body Heal Itself

Nothing works without energy. Stop the energy and everything stops. Every process in the body is dependent on energy, and when our energy begins to fail, we begin to fail.

Herbal Ally – Glorious Goldenrod

I love autumn, don’t you? The days shorten and fall colors thrill my senses. Perennial roots get busy storing nourishment that will last them through the winter. And the meadows bloom with purple asters and riotous goldenrod flowers.

Prenatal and Postpartum Wellness: Boost Your Energy

For many expecting and new moms, one of the biggest challenges is sustaining their energy throughout the day. Pregnancy, with its tremendous physical demand on the body and the hormonal fluctuation, often causes fatigues. As for new moms, adjusting to a new routine and having to conduct their lives and take care of a newborn, often on very little sleep, can be a very taxing experience.

Quick and Natural Constipation Remedies

There are many people who are looking for quick and natural constipation remedies. This often embarrassing problem is highly prevalent and affects a fifth of all the people worldwide. It is especially prevalent in the developed nations due to the causes of this ailment. It is important to note that constipation is frequently a symptom, not a disease itself, and may require medical intervention.

Will L-Glutamine Help Heal Leaky Guts?

L-Glutimine is one of the first line defenses to help heal Leaky Gut Syndrome. It is an essential amino acid which actually helps in repairing the spaces that occur from Leaky Gut Syndrome. It restores the intestinal lining which is so vital to treating leaky gut successfully. Be informed and make the right decisions to help free you or someone you love from the symptoms of leaky gut.

How to Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally

As another fall approaches there is an increased possibility of a flu epidemic. This is a good time to talk about how to strengthen your immune system without risking your health. I would like to tell you about one of these products which I have already tried. I know it works. I believe that Aloe Vera helps the body to operate at an optimal level so that we can carry on our daily routine without interruption.

Philosophy of Chinese Medicine – Developing Optimum Health

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been around for thousands of years. Many ideas in TCM seem unusual to us in the west but have shown great results. TCM does not replace western medicine as much as it provides methods to avoid being ill in the first place.

Painlessly Passing Gallstones

Discover natural alternatives to having gallstones removed by surgery. Keep your gallbladder by using these methods.

Back to School Bug Off: 10 Easy Tips to Battle Germs and Boost Your Immune System

By enhancing your body’s natural infection-fighting mechanisms, you can oftentimes avoid illness-even if you are exposed to infectious organisms that are making other people sick. Practice these ten daily habits as a powerful preventative measure for year-round health.

How to Naturally Treat Leaky Gut Syndrome

Learn how you can treat leaky gut syndrome and possibly even cure it! 100% naturally without the use of over-the-counter medications or prescription drugs. In this article you will find ancient but proven remedies to your fight against this possibly fatal condition.

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