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Gem Elixirs for Holistic Healing

Nearly every stone or crystal can be used to create gem elixirs. While this is by no means a comprehensive list of the possible elixirs you can create from stones and crystals, the following provide dynamic energy in holistic healing work.

What Are the Best Methods for Food Poisoning Treatment?

Fortunately many types of food poisoning are short-lived and often require no medical treatment. There are some forms that do require emergency care though. If you begin to experience symptoms that may be the result of food poisoning it is important to consider what may be causing the food poisoning.

Organic Foods and the Marketing War for Healthy Lifestyle Choices – Perfect for Testosterone Levels

Corporate America is known as being greedy and not remotely interested in what is right and wrong. So when Food Inc was released, the film did not surprise the thinking public because while the movie was shocking, it was also expected to be the way American big-business conducts itself. We cannot really call them corporate criminals because they own the politicians through their lobbyists and they protect themselves by creating laws that favor their disgusting business practices.

Organic Food Production Is Great for Testosterone Levels and the Environment

Everything in life is related. The food we eat is related to the health of our bodies. The testosterone we naturally produce is related to the quality and purity of the foods we eat.

Natural Remedies Work Better Than Drugs, Especially As Related to Testosterone

If a doctor told you to take rat poison for your health problem, of course you would not take it, and he probably would not prescribe it knowingly. The reality is though that many doctors mistakenly diagnose and many others mistakenly prescribe the wrong drugs and while I am not saying it is reasonable that all doctors must make 100% accurate decisions at all times, I am saying it is more than reasonable for you to question their judgment and to interrogate them about their recommendations. It certainly is unacceptable to simply follow their decision blindly – they must be…

Developing Your Health Intuition With Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis

I get the impression that there is much suspicion about body types and how they relate to diet and exercise, and to be honest, when it comes down to the regular endomorph, mesomorph, ectomorph malarkey, I’m inclined to share that suspicion. Ayurvedic body typing however, is an entirely different animal, and a little knowledge of it can make your quest for health and fitness so much easier…

The Best Diet In The World?

Many in the past have claimed the secret to it; many have disproved it, and many still tout the idea that it might just exist. But does it? Well, actually it does, but perhaps not as you imagined.

Alkaline Diet – The Cure For All Ills?

Recently we are hearing more and more about the importance of alkalising your food to balance the body and wipe out harmful bacteria and fungus. Is this really such fantastic new wisdom, or have we seen it all before?

What Is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic medicine concentrates on treating the whole person rather than the disease. A regular physician concentrates on how to alleviate symptoms, cure a disease, treat a disorder, and other options that are focused on the problem.

Eastern Holistic Health Wisdom Being Lost to Poor Western Food Processing

Life is filled with irony when you look at it in a detached way. One the one hand, the wisdom of the Eastern world with its holistic approach to health and peaceful society is vastly superior to the lack of wisdom in the western world which tends to be dominated by prejudice and arrogance about its technologies. The irony is that the Eastern world, most especially China where I have lived for the last 4 years, the people all seem focused on becoming more like western people and even in just the 4 years I have been here the growing…

Homeopatic Treatment At Home, – Is It Safe?

Homeopathy is generally a secure treatment, as it uses medications in extremely diluted amounts, and there are usually minimal unwanted effects. Its non-toxicity makes it a good choice for that treatment of children. Homeopathy’s greatest achievements have been when the concerned physician has correctly interpreted the different signs and symptoms (after exhaustive as well as detailed case taking, particularly in chronic disorders), and then coordinated them with the drug provings as well as prescribed accordingly. Small question then that Homeopathy is called a recovery “art”.

The Three Guardians of the Druids

The Three Guardians of the Druids are three trees, the Elder, the Hawthorne, and the Birch. In ancient medicinal approaches, they represented the symbiosis that will bring balance to the body. Acting as a catalyst for health, they are the sentinels of the sacred spring where the Brookline (another medicinal plant), or the Water Pimpernel grows. Symbolically they stand guard to the sacred spring (the pump of life=the heart) Together these three trees act to preserve health, strengthening the immune system along with the heart, circulatory system, liver and kidneys.

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