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The Gentle Effectiveness Of Cure By Sunlight Is Ignored Due To Dominance Of The Pharma Industry

Sunlight is possibly the most powerful natural broad spectrum drug. The medical doctor and author, Dr. Auguste Rollier, was the most famous heliotherapist of his day, operating a number of clinics in Switzerland. Dr. Rollier used UV light to successfully treat diseases such as tuberculosis (TB), rickets, smallpox, lupus vulgaris (skin TB) and wounds. Unfortunately, with the death of Rollier in 1954 and the growing dominance of the pharmaceutical industry, heliotherapy sadly fell into disuse. The gentle effectiveness of cure by sunlight was ignored and soon forgotten. By the 1960s, manmade ‘miracle drugs’ had replaced the medical fraternity’s fascination with the sun’s healing powers. Today, the sun is considered the main culprit precipitating skin cancer, certain cataracts leading to blindness, and aging of the skin. Only those who take the ‘risk’ of exposing themselves to sunlight find that the sun actually makes them feel better, provided they do not use sunscreens or burn their skin by way of overexposure.

Licorice Root Through the Ages: A Historical Perspective

Licorice root is one of the most venerable, widely used and prescribed herbs in the recorded history of mankind. European Licorice is the sweetest and most potent. For many generations licorice root has been extensively used as a healing and energy tonic throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East.

Allergies and Asthma – Not So Tough

Allergies, asthma, and sinuses are conditions that humans are suffering from more and more each day. There is a steady stream of new medications and inhalers designed to suppress the symptoms of these conditions as well. It’s time to get to the heart of the problem, and put an end to our sniffling, sneezy ways!

Holistic Medicine Vs Conventional Medicine

In a holistic method of treatment, the approach to two patients suffering from the same disease can be different – it advocates personalized and targeted remedies. Conventional Western medicine or Allopathy defines health as the absence of diseases. It advocates a more standard approach to the treatment of health disorders.

How to Remove Warts Using Vitamin C

Vitamin C has been a superhero among vitamins for decades now because of its ability to ward off colds and viruses. It is a great nutrient to use when you need to improve your immune system. It’s not surprising then to see it pop up in some form as an effective wart removal method.

Eat Sensible, Stay Healthy

Here are some guidelines for a commonsense approach to healthy eating. While there are some foods we must eat, there are some we should avoid. Fruit and fruit juice should be taken only on an empty stomach to maximize their benefit. This article illustrates the importance of eating seasonal fruits and local produce, why dried fruit is good for us, why we should not eat leftovers, how the sipping of hot ionized water helps in deep tissue cleansing, why we should avoid ice-cold foods and beverages, why we should eat foods suitable to our body type, and how we can greatly relieve the digestive system of its daily workload and improve its ability to remove any accumulated toxic waste by taking only a liquid diet once a week.

Our Soul’s Purpose in Ayurvedic Philosophy

We were created by the coming together of two primary forces. These forces help us understand our soul’s purpose in life.

Exercise Yourself to Health

The purpose of physical exercise is not just to prove to ourselves that we are able to defy the aging process, look good, or prevent a heart attack. Exercise also enhances our capacity to digest food and eliminate physical and emotional impurities. Furthermore, it increases firmness and suppleness, as well as our ability to deal with stressful situations. Under normal circumstances, exercising one’s body would not be necessary. Man, like every other animal, was meant to live in nature, have plenty of fresh air, and be involved in enough physical activity to keep the body fit and vital. Technological and economic advancements, however, have led to an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, which requires physical exercise to keep our bodies healthy and strong.

The Magnificent Healing Characteristics of Goji Juice

The goji fruit is a really popular herbal supplement in parts of the East, where people have made use of it for several hundreds of years. The amazing thing about Himalayan goji berry is that it is an ancient cure going as far back as the fabled first ruler of China who lived around four millenia ago.

Find Out What Herbal Health Is All About

To most people herbs are thought of in terms of enhancing flavor in cooking. People also think of herbs is reference to natural medicine and oriental medicine. A very common use of the term herbal is in relation to herbal teas. Actually an herb can be any plant. Herbal health is all about using specific plants (herbs) that have specific know compounds that are used in natural health and as medicine. While herbal health may be thought of as using herbs like some form of medicine, herbs are also whole foods that support holistic health. When I think of herb for health I feel it is the idea of using edible plants that have powerful nutritional healing and holistic health benefits to balance the body.

Homoeopathy for Children

A happy and healthy child is the dream of every parent. Every parent wants to see their child vibrant and bubbling with energy. So even minor ailments like a cold or cough are enough reasons to send the parents scampering to the doctor’s door seeking for a rapid and gentle cure.

Spring Is in the Air

This article takes a holistic approach to spring, our immune system, our liver and gallbladder, and discusses how to balance and strengthen their function. This article uses physical (nutritional), mental (positive thinking) and spiritual (meditative) methods to help balance the organs, elements and chakras associated with this time of year.

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