5 Tips to Relieve Financial Stress

Diet and Why You Are So Tired

We are tired for many reasons. Sometimes, it isn’t from a lack of sleep. Food can play a bigger role and I show you why.

Does My Daily Routine Really Affect My Health?

The seasons change each year and so should your routine. In the summer we wear shorts but we put the shorts away for winter (most of us do) and we change our attire to something more appropriate for the season, our routines should adjust as well.

Strategies To Improve Your Problem Solving Skills And Creativity

Meditation, Reiki, Breathing techniques are great tools to enhance your problem solving skills. They help to switch off the mind for those who find it difficult to sleep at night. These self help techniques are not meant only for those seeking a spiritual path. They can also be used to alleviate stress and insomnia.

Personal Branding And Wellbeing Are Intertwined

Our personality influences our ability to manage stress. Raising your self awareness helps you to know your stress triggers. You are in a stronger position to become more resilient and better manage stress if you know what you need to deal with. Your personality is more than doing a personality test. It is also your cultural and family heritage and your cultural norms. A holistic approach to managing stress has a long lasting positive impact on your resilience.

How to Deal With Being Overweight?

Why am I overweight? This is one of the common questions you hear from people around you. If you are not that conscious with your health, you probably wouldn’t mind why you are gaining more weight in just a short span of time. Apparently, there are a lot of problems associated with being overweight and that goes beyond not being able to wear your favorite jeans, shirt or dress. Especially for those who find it hard to lose excess pounds in the body after a strenuous workout, being overweight or obese is something they have already accepted.

Reasons Why Having a Job Can Help You Have Better Health

Many people are lucky enough to have a good job. A good job not only thickens our wallets, it also helps us stay healthier for life.

Stress Awareness: The First Step Towards Mind/Body Health

Stress is always with us. There is stress that is natural, like gravity, and there is stress that is not natural, like seeing a rope and thinking it is a snake. There is mind stress and there is body stress. Evolution has programmed our genetics for balance. When the mind or body is out of balance for prolonged periods of time, stress occurs.

Why Herbs and Essential Oils Do Not Work

One size does not fit all; this goes for natural remedies like it does for medication. Tuning into the body and discovering what works is holistic health.

Distant Healing Is A Way Of Healing For Spiritual Enlighten

Distant healing is a way of healing for spiritual enlighten. With spiritual treatment you treat the core of your problem. This article discusses how this healing works and how it is different from the materialistic healing.

Take Back Your Health: Real Tips For Holistic Health

Because mental and physical health tie together so closely, it is important to pay attention to each one and to find balance in your pursuits. Here are some realistic, tried and true, factually based tips to help you do exactly that.

7 Tips For Enjoying The Benefits Of Juicing And Health

Juicing can help prevent, control, and eliminate chronic health conditions. It is a foundation for a healthy life, bringing you increased vitality, stamina, and mental clarity. You owe it to yourself to investigate juicing.

Winter and Holiday Health Care for Your Skin

Natural and organic skin care with therapeutic grade essential oils is your best choice to protect your skin from winter weather. Discover the best choices you can make for dry, aging skin and to keep skin moisturized and youthful for the holidays and beyond.

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