Ask Dr. Renee talks about National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Black Americans are approximately 14% of the U.S. population but account for close to 50% of new HIV diagnosis. Cities like Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta and Cleveland are experiencing increases in new HIV rates. Monday is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Join us as we talk to Black leaders across the country on addressing the impact of HIV/AIDS.

Using Herbs and Herbal Remedies As Medicine

Using herbs as a form of medicine has been done for thousands of years. And many people still use herbs, herbal remedies, teas, poultices, and supplements today to help keep their body healthy, and to help take care of their families. Many people have started learning however, that there are plenty of herbs which will actually do more than keep you healthy though. Herbs can be used as a medicine alternative to high priced, prescription drugs which often have risky side effects.

Benefits You can Get From Herbal Remedies

Well for so many years now losing weight is still considered as a major problem. We sort into different kinds of ways just to lose weight. Others undergo surgeries and laser treatments. There are also those who just take pills. And were not really sure if those methods are really safe.

Meaning Of Dreams In Chinese Medicine

Find out how the ancient Chinese use dreams to aid in medical diagnosis. Extracted from a section called the Miraculous Pivot in the Yellow Emperor’s Medicine Classic.

Hawthorne Berry and Other Herbal Remedies for Heart Health

There are many herbal remedies for heart health on the market. The heart health benefits of magnesium have been studied by scientific researchers and magnesium is sometimes including in natural and herbal remedies for heart health.

Herbal Remedies for IBS

The right support group can not only help you cope with IBS, it can also provide you with plenty of information about the condition, as well as open your mind to alternative treatments you may not have considered. For instance, many IBS sufferers find that herbal remedies help them manage their symptoms.

Herbal Remedies for Bones and Joints

Discover the natural herbal remedies and herbal tea remedies used to treat illness and disease for hundreds of years.

Guggul – Herbal Remedies To Lower Cholesterol

The guggul tree (sometimes spelt as ‘guggulu’) is an indigenous Indian tree which found abundantly in the temperate climates of north India. It is a small shrub, not more than 4 meters in height.

Ayurveda – Holistic Approach To Health Care

Ayurveda is the most popular holistic forms of medicine that has originated in India, and is now rapidly spreading around the world.

Herbal Remedies

Headache? Pop a pill. Can’t sleep? Pop another pill. We have grown dependent on pills from the slightest itch to the severest pain and for every known disease. We have accustomed ourselves to be so dependent in fact that even placebos start to work. Who could resist?

Sunburn Treatment – Few Effective Herbal Remedies

Sunburn is a burn which is caused on skin due to overexposure to the sun. Sunburn can be caused not only due to exposure to the sun, but also to tanning lamps, UV light, etc.

Why This? Why Now? Holistic Healing – Is This The Answer?

As a new webmaster, I am supporting holistic healing through building a site for local practitioners. I believe that it is time for people to open their minds to the benefits of the positive energy provided by alternative healing.

Using Herbal Remedies on Your Weight Problems

Many people are having battles with their weight problems, as soon as they felt they need to lose weight, they look for remedies to lose weight easily. In looking for remedies to lose that unwanted weight, it is better to look for remedies that will work naturally, in order to avoid any other weight related health problems.

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