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This show was recorded January 13, 2022.

January is the beginning of a new year. New Year New You, let’s get our money RIGHT!

Cassandra Cummings is the founder of The Stocks & Stilettos Society, an online community of more than 100, 000 women investors. In less than two years, she has inspired over 50,000 women worldwide to invest more than $10M in assets through her guidance.

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Herbal Sleep Remedies – Quick and Easy Ways to Get Better Sleep

A constant lack of sleep can be very bad for your health. That said, use these at-home herbal sleep remedies to avoid long term damage and get the sleep you so rightly deserve.

Chinese Herbal Remedy

As a popular alternative to fight against illness, the Chinese herbal remedy is practiced everywhere in China. Throughout its course of development, it has been used to treat all kinds of diseases. It saves many people’s lives. Now it is recognized by the western physicians and many of them started learning the Chinese herbal remedy and applying it in their daily practice.

Herbal Remedies on the Rise

Herbal remedies have been available to people for centuries. In fact, what are now called herbal remedies were once in fact what the medical profession offered to the general public with many of the remedies being very effective. Many modern treatments offer the same benefits one can achieve from herbal remedies, to treat or alleviate the symptoms of a medical condition.

Holistic Medicine – The Next Step to Complete Healing

People cannot exactly work with 100% efficiency if they are angry or sad, and people also feel lousy when they are down with the flu. This is a simple but fundamental example of how the mind and body are intricately tied together, and this is the viewpoint that holistic medicine bases all its roots on. By providing a fun and stimulating atmosphere for patients to recover in, as well as a socially-supportive one, the recovery process is sped up while the pain and suffering experienced is significantly reduced.

Herbal Sleep Remedies

Three herbal remedies for occasional insomnia from an experienced herbalist. After nearly forty years of study and practice, these are my favorite herbal sleep remedies.

How to Start Using Herbal Remedies

Modern medicine tends to have unwanted or even weird side effects on your body. Many people are trying to feel better without taking modern medicine and are turning to herbal remedies to get relief.

Can You Really Lose Weight Using Herbal Remedies

Every day, Americans are bombarded with advertisements on the latest weight loss pills. Unfortunately, most of these are unhealthy and potentially dangerous, and many of them don’t have the effect they promised.

Are the Herbal Remedies Consistent?

You may be interested herbal remedies and their uses, but you may be curious to know if they are consistent between brands. There are admittedly a large number of producers of herbal remedies. Where do you start to sort out the herbal remedies and to understand their benefits? Read on to find out more.

How to Use Aloe as an Herbal Remedy

At one time or another you have heard of the herb, Aloe. What you may not know is how you can use it as a herbal remedy. Aloe has been used for generations as daily herbal treatments for several skin conditions. Read more to find out how to use Aloe as an herbal remedy.

Organic Herbal Remedies and Holistic Herbal Remedies Are Corollary Developments

Five thousand years of trial and error have resulted in the development of a set of all natural herbal remedies that can still withstand the scrutiny of a couple hundred years of application of scientific theory. While much can be said for the accomplishments of Modern Western Medicine, so too can much be said of the distilled knowledge of countless centuries of practical experience.

Fibroid Clear – A Herbal Remedy For Uterine Fibroids

Fibroid Clear is a herbal remedy which has been designed specifically to help women to naturally shrink uterine fibroids. Herbal remedies have been used for many hundreds of years by women who have wanted to both control the unbearable symptoms which fibroids can cause and, alongside other dietary and lifestyle adjustments, to help women to shrink fibroids naturally. There are many herbs which are widely recognized which have a very valuable part to play when it comes to treating fibroids.

3 Herbal Remedies For Gout That Are Easy and Actually Work

This article focuses on alternatives to treating gout with steroids and other popular doctor prescribed procedures by using herbal extracts and supplements. These supplements have been shown in studies to not only treat gout but can be pro-active solutions to preventing it as well.

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