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What If We Are Approaching Pain All Wrong?

When you have pain, do you just take an ibuprofen or naproxen? Covering up the “check engine” light with tape is the equivalent to taking anti-inflammatory medications to mask the problem when feeling aches and pains.

Wisdom in Wellness

Wisdom in wellness is holistic wellness of the body, the mind, and the soul. Wellness wisdom begins with the mind, which controls the body. However, because you are living in the physical world, your body is exposed to all sensations perceived by its five senses. As a result, your body with its desires may have positive or negative impact on the mind. In order to enhance your mind power, you must seek the help and guidance of the soul, which plays only a passive role in that it will not voluntarily provide guidance unless the mind deliberately seeks it. Wisdom of wellness of the body, the mind, and the soul is inter-related and inter-dependent on one another.

Managing My Own Health Care

Our health care industry in the United States has changed. Is it better or worse, and what can we do to provide better health to ourselves and to those we love?

Three Kinds of Therapeutic Hot Mineral Springs

What are three kinds of natural mineral springs that will make you feel great? This article discusses what they are, and how you can benefit from them.

Nuts Are Super Food But, Are They Healthy or Not?

By virtue of their unique composition, nuts are likely to beneficially impact health outcomes. Epidemiologic studies have associated nut consumption with a reduced incidence of coronary heart disease and gallstones in both genders and diabetes in women. Limited evidence also suggests beneficial effects on hypertension, cancer, and inflammation.

Autoimmune And Allergies: Symptoms Are Mistreated

Many autoimmune and allergy symptoms disappear with preventative health measures. These are rarely suggested in our medical society, rather more poisons are thrown on top of a distressed immune system. What if we reduce the “noise” of symptoms, so true treatment can be determined and results measured?

A Ridiculous Notion: It’s Not Fat, It’s Insulation

I’ve heard many excuses in my career, but this one takes the cake. There are some myths that are just harmful to believe.

Why I Recommend Organic Foods to My Clients

This is short article describing why I suggest Organic foods over conventionally farmed foods. And some of the many benefits of choosing Organic foods.

Tired of Being Sick, Overweight, and Tired? Addressing Symptoms Keeps You Stuck in the Problem!

When you treat and address only the symptoms of whatever problem you are facing (weight loss, acne, a medical diagnosis), then you keep yourself rooted in the real problem. Most pills, creams, lotions, powders, diets, etc. temporarily relieve or mask the undesirable state you are in. In reality, your physical and emotional health only changes when you heal yourself from the inside out and face the skeletons in the closet!

3 Steps That Will Tighten Thighs For Good

The best way to tighten thighs is to do more than just one thing. If you’re just concentrating on working out, you will not get the results that you dream of. Instead, you will need to balance several things together to ensure that you are doing things properly. The following 3 steps will help you tighten thighs.

How To Tighten Loose Skin The Natural Way

Mastering how to tighten loose skin can seem complicated at first. Discover the simple methods you can use to tighten loose skin naturally and in your own home.

How Chronic Stress Can Impact Adrenal Health

Chronic stress is can severely impact our health, particularly that of our adrenals. When our adrenal health is impacted negatively this can show up in a number of detrimental ways. Our bodies aren’t designed for stress(ors) of modern times, in the past we only had to deal with stressful events in brief spurts of time. Now we often deal with stress several times a day. This can impact our cortisol rhythms and have us producing too little or too much cortisol producing a number of health problems.

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