Ask Dr. Renee Talks Sex with Dr. Drai

Dr. Drai is a Board-Certified OBGYN and sexual wellness expert.

He believes all people deserve sexual pleasure. That’s why he founded Momentum Intimacy, to help people improve intimacy and have a more satisfying sex life.

He created all of our FDA-approved products with a focus on sexual wellness, health, safety and pleasure. Momentum personal lubrication and intimate protection products help you enjoy great sex and add more excitement to your your relationships.

As a gay OBGYN, he worked in the sexual health industry for a condom and lubricant company as their brand ambassador. At the same time, women and the trans community were asking him to create lubricants for them. He felt a real need for a sexual health company that was more inclusive and diverse. All people deserve pleasure. And they need formulas that last longer and feel good.

He is also a complete nerd. Physics and chemistry were his favorite subjects in school. “In physics, mass X velocity = momentum. It doesn’t matter if you use fingers, toys, penis.”, says Dr. Drai.

With Momentum, the climax can’t be stopped.

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