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Working With Crystals

Crystals, crystal therapy and elixirs work because crystals naturally re-balance the flow of our energy. Every cell in our body has an electrical potential and water constantly flowing through it. Blood plasma is over 90% water and in it is everything we need to live, everything is distributed through rivers of water around our body.

Curing Alcoholism, Diabetes, Mental Illness, and Other Health Problems With Natural Remedies

In one’s youth, over-consumption of alcohol can often be tolerated by those healthy individuals who are able to secrete adequate levels of the enzymes necessary to digest the alcohol properly. However, as one ages, (or for certain subsets of the human population who lack the ability to secrete the necessary enzymes to digest alcohol properly), ones inability to digest alcohol can prove to be a health-deteriorating, (and sometimes deadly) condition. So, it is best to refrain from consuming alcohol.

Crystal Therapy: One Cure for Several Ailments

Crystal therapy is a treatment that is used to provide cure for various diseases like pain and stress. The fast pace lifestyle and long working hours have given birth to diseases like stress, anxiety and body pain.

New Moon Manifestation Ceremony – Manifest Your Biggest Dreams

The New Moon is the most powerful time in the moon cycle for creation and manifestation. Use this ceremony to draw into your life everything that is for your highest good.

Cleanliness And Its Benefits

To many people in the modern world, cleanliness means an outdated concept of duty. They feel the efforts and time spent on cleaning could be used for making money and enjoying the life.

No Need for Coffee, Try This in The Morning Instead

I’m not going to be bashing coffee in this post I promise. There are some good things about coffee… I will do a series of posts on coffee in the future.

Marijuana Advances of the 21st Century

Methods of administering medical marijuana are constantly evolving. Today patients can medicate without the negative effects of “getting high.”

Internet Burnout: What’s Causing It, Why It’s So Bad, And How To Avoid It

Internet burnout is on the rise, and more and more of us fall for the allure of being online. But what does all our time online actually do for us, healthwise? And is all our ‘social’ activity online actually providing us with the benefits we hope it is?

If You Want To Avoid Parasites, Work on Boosting Your Immune System

A strong immune system is a key prerequisite for avoiding parasites. Find out some easy ways to give your immune system a much-needed boost.

The Spiritual and Emotional Dimension of Human Parasites

Parasites a huge health problem for many adults, even in the Western World. Every health issue has a spiritual and emotional aspect to it. Find out why parasites could be a message that you need to re-examine your relationships, beliefs and a few other areas in your life.

Practical Tips for Dealing With Parasites The Holistic Way

Believe it or not, parasites are actually one of the leading causes of death – just most people, including many Western doctors, don’t know what they’re really dealing with. Find out some easy ways to minimize your chances of being attacked by parasites, and how to get rid of them if they do show up uninvited.

Why Quantum Physics and Kabbalah Is Saying The Same Thing, When It Comes to Your Healthcare

Quantum physics says that matter is just slowed down light – and kabbala agrees. But what does that mean for you and your healthcare? This article lays it on the line.

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