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Drinking Enough Water

To produce the right amount of bile each day (1-1½ quarts), which the body requires for proper digestion of food, the liver needs plenty of water. In addition, the body uses up a lot of water to maintain normal blood volume, hydrate the cells and connective tissues, cleanse out toxins, and carry out literally thousands of other functions. Since the body cannot store water the way it stores fat, it is dependent on regular, sufficient water intake. To maintain proper bile production and bile consistency, as well as balanced blood values, you need to drink about six to eight glasses of water each day.

The Bach Flower Remedies and the Pioneering Dr Edward Bach

The Bach Flower Remedies, developed in the late 1920’s and 1930’s by a qualified medical doctor, changed our understanding of health and the origins of health problems. Although there are now many other ranges of Flower Essences produced around the world, the Bach Flower Remedies continue to be the the most used.

Alaskan Flower, Gem and Environmental Essences – A Three Part System

The Alaskan Flower Essence Project includes not only flower essences, but also a set of 48 gem essences and 12 environmental essences in their range. The Alaskan essences have some of the deepest and most subtle qualities of all the essences being made in the vast, pristine wildernesses of the Alaskan interior.

Get A Pet – It Can Make You Happy And Save Your Life

The positive emotions gained from simply stroking a pet can lead to dramatic reduction of major cardiac risk factors and calm both body and mind. When you watch your pet or play with it, you create a communication link that can trigger feelings of love and joy in you. At the same time, your physiology undergoes profound changes. So pets can be good for us not just emotionally, but physically as well. A dog that licks your hand with affection or waits patiently for you to come home can flood your body with pleasure hormones and anticancer drugs. Animals can make you happy because they exhibit an innocent and natural behavior and they may remind you that perfect health is a distinct possibility. Being near them and watching them helps us to reconnect to the natural world and generates balance in our emotional life.

To Be or Not To Be Holistic? That Is the Question

For most, the journey begins with an ailment. Either an ailment that keeps reoccurring that the doctors keep “treating” OR an issue the doctors just cannot figure out what to call it or diagnosis. Medical doctors make their best guess based on symptoms and past clients and out of frustration the patient decides to try a holistic practitioner as a last resort.

Letting Go Of The Need To Fight In Life Reprograms The DNA Of The Body

Cancer, in an unconventional way, is a way out of a deadlock situation that paralyses the heart of a person. It helps to break down old rigid patterns of guilt and shame that keep it imprisoned and bound by constant poor self-worthiness. The current medical approach does not target this major issue behind cancer, but the ‘disease process’ does, provided it is allowed to take its course. Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery encourage a victim mentality in the patient and are unlikely to heal the root causes of this affliction. Miracle cures happen when the patient frees himself/herself of the need for victim-hood and self-attack, and when external problems fail to have a major impact on the person’s inner wellbeing and self-acceptance. Just removing the external problems in life may not be sufficient to induce a spontaneous remission.

Homeopathy: Alternatives to Traditional Medicine

Medical expenses continue to rise, doctors are overwhelmed and patients are the ones who suffer. Discover how you can use homeopathic remedies to take control of your medical treatment and live a happier life.

Homeopathy – This Is No Placebo Part I

Recently in the UK some conventional doctors have argued that for the National Health Service to pay for members of the public to be treated with homeopathy is a waste of precious financial resources. Are they right to do so? Is homeopathy effective alternative medicine to be recommended? As complementary medicine can it perform a valuable function alongside conventional medicine?

Homeopathy – This Is No Placebo Part II

Homeopathy is a holistic discipline. A homeopath will treat the whole person and not just the immediate symptoms which the patient presents. This is another fundamental difference between homeopathy and much of conventional medicine. Further, in this article I will seek to demonstrate that homeopathy is real medicine and not merely the application of the placebo effect.

Is Recovery Possible?

Anyone can recover from anything at any time. This is article explains the most efficient and proven process I’ve ever seen. Holistic doctors are promoting it everywhere and now you can read all about it.

Maximizing Athletic Performance With Herbal Medicine

Looking for a way to improve your golf swing, knock a few seconds off your race time or recover from that tennis injury that won’t seem to go away? The answers just might be found in alternative medicine. Many serious athletes as well as weekend warriors have found that herbal medicine gives them the edge they need to increase stamina, heal from injuries and maximize performance.

The Sun Is Not The Culprit For Causing Skin Cancers

Overall, since the beginning of the new millennium, each year one million Americans are being diagnosed with some form of skin cancer. There are millions of sufferers now, all of whom have been made to believe that the depleting ozone has rendered sunlight dangerous. This has lead people to believe that the sun is the main culprit for their skin diseases. It is a sad and unfortunate and even harmful misconception. UV radiation is actually decreasing every year and skin cancers were extremely rare 100 years ago when UV intensity was much higher and people spent much more time outdoors.

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