Black History Month Needs To Become Black HEALTH Month Part I – OBESITY

The Minister Of Wellness Nathaniel Jordan discusses how there needs to be an intense focus on ending the obesity epidemic in the Black Community during so-called Black History Month.
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“A GENEROUS MAN WILL PROSPER, he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed” – Proverbs 11:25

Using Herbal Remedies to Cleanse and Detox the Body

Most herbalists believe that a lot of modern day illnesses, diseases and chronic health conditions are caused by years and years of dietary neglect. Eating junk food, preservatives and other chemicals, combined with the lack of proper vitamins and minerals causes a build up of toxins inside the body, which in turn can wreak havoc on the body’s immune system and cleansing capabilities.

Who Is The Major User Of Traditional Chinese Medicine And Alternative Medicine?

Research was done some months ago on who are the major users of traditional Chinese medicine, alternative medicine and complementary medicine. This research was insightful and may be helpful to you strategize your business. The following was what I have found.

Herbal Remedy From Heaven?

A few years ago I met a woman that told me about a multi Purpose herb called hyssop. Before I get in this article let’s start by saying I’m not a doctor and hyssop is not approved by the FDA. I only speak from experience, with that said.

Natural Cold Remedy – 3 Herbal Cold Remedies You Can Find in Your Kitchen Cabinet

During cold and flu season, many people instinctively reach for one of the many over the counter cold medications or syrups available at their local grocery store. However, you may be one of the people who can’t stand the thought of ingesting these heavy medications. Plus, these medications only treat the symptoms of a cold and not the actual cause. In other words, they do a good job of covering up your cold symptoms without improving your overall health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine – Ancient Tradition of the Chinese Culture and the Philosophies

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient tradition of the Chinese culture, Chinese Sociology and the philosophies of Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism. The interrelatedness of the person and nature is the system for treatment of disease. Understanding one’s environment, accepting man as a product of nature and living harmoniously with his surroundings.

Herbal Remedies – Do They Work?

There is a lot of suspicion and controversy surrounding the topic of herbal remedies. This is somewhat surprising, given the number of scientific studies showing that many herbal remedies do have beneficial effects. In certain cases they work as well as, or even better, than conventional therapy. When considering herbal remedies, take into consideration the following points and make your own mind up as to their efficacy.

Jaundice And Liver Diseases – Ayurveda Medicine Management

Treatment of all liver diseases in Ayurveda concentrates on Pitta dosha rather than the organ itself. All liver diseases have imbalances of pitta and agni. Apart from this, ojus is also affected. As the liver is the basis of Pachaka Pitta, all diseases of the liver can be treated concomitantly by treating Pachaka Pitta.

Holistic Medicine Secrets – Discover Why Heartburn Drugs Can Make Stomach Acid Worse

So many people take heartburn medications like Prilosec when in reality they lack stomach acid! Learn this untold truth about stomach acid and how to quickly turn around your digestive problems.

An Overview of Ancient Chinese Medicinal Practices

Chinese medicine has been one of most widely used alternatives in the world and there is good reason for this. First developed thousands of years ago it has evolved into a more practical and natural form of treating common ailments. More and more people today have turned to using alternative medicinal practices and Chinese medicine is one that should be considered.

Spiritual Healing Holistic Techniques – How to Increase Healing Energy Now

Discover the secrets of holistic spiritual healing to empower your life and take charge of your health. Genuine healing is a journey toward wholeness. You will discover a powerful spiritual healing approach to increase your life force energy to promote wellness in your body, mind and spirit. You can begin today, no classes to attend, just proven “at-home techniques” and practical holistic advice to help you generate more healing energy in your life.

Holistic Medicine Secrets – Food Intolerances Can Drastically Affect Health And Vitality

Many people suffer from food intolerances and don’t even know it. Discover how you can eliminate common symptoms such as fatigue, migraines and gastrointestinal problems.

An Herbal Remedy For Altitude Sickness

One of my patients recently moved from his sea level home here in Florida to the desert mountain city of Santa Fe. He called me shortly after he moved-he hadn’t found a new doctor yet-reporting that he felt awful. He was tired all the time and grew short of breath easily. I realized at once that he was being affected by the altitude gain. He’d moved from sea level up more than 5000 feet and the thinner air was taking its toll.

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