Even BLACK ON BLACK Crime Is Linked To DIET!

Cold and Flu Remedies

We’ve got good news for those of you fighting the cold and flu-there are home remedies that are useful in combating your symptoms and the woes that come from these illnesses. Did you know there are foods you should avoid while sick, foods to add into your diet when you’re fighting off the cold and flu, and even ways to make your surroundings a more healing environment. Suffering from the sniffles, sneezes, a full-blown cold, or a terrible flu is no fun for anyone but we’ve got what you need for natural healing at home!

Love Your Liver And Live a Longer Life!

The importance of good liver function to your long-term health cannot be over-emphasized. It is the largest internal organ in your body, and has important roles to play, including detoxification of environmental and food toxins in your blood, storage or blood, removal of dead blood cells, secretion and regulation of hormone and enzymes, blood sugar balance and production of enzymes and bile for digestion. Your liver can even regenerate its own tissue.

How To Indulge Your Sweet Tooth Without Ruining Your Health

Sweet foods have been a part of people’s diet the world over for centuries, showing up in a multitude of guises. While our love of the sweet taste is nothing new, the evolution of the “empty” sweet food is. I’m referring to the shelves of processed foods that fill our modern day supermarkets, cheap but low in nutritional value, convenient for us and for the companies who reap huge profits from our addiction to sweetness.

How Stress Damages Your Health and What to Do About It

“I’m so stressed out!” How often do we hear this? When was the last time YOU said it? We’re all familiar with the uncomfortable feelings associated with stress, and most of us know that it damages us. But do you really know what it’s doing to you?

A Personal Case for Classical Homeopathy: Part II

I couldn’t agree with the critics more. Homeopathy is strange and sounds magical. When I try to explain it to people, despite years of study and personal/professional experience, I wind up sounding like my worst woo-woo nightmare, stumbling over words like “energy,” “resonance,” and “organism.”

Are You Dehydrated? How Insufficient Water Intake Damages Your Health

How much attention do you pay to the amount of water you drink every day? Could your fatigue, aches and pains, asthma or ulcers be caused by insufficient water intake? Water is the forgotten nutrient – underestimated, overlooked but vitally important to your health.

Walking the Pathway of Healing

Most of average humanity begins their journey through life lacking in awareness or the unconscious state. Naturally this leads to many unwise choices being made, which leads to many painful and unhealthy consequences. As a net result of pain and suffering experience the choice is then made to look a little deeper into this pattern. “WHY?” is the question, which invokes the light? Light is the great revealer!

Yeast Infection During Pregnancy and How to Treat It Naturally

Pregnant women are more prone to vaginal yeast infections. If you do get one, do not get too stressed, you will not pass it on to the baby while they are growing in your tummy. However, during vaginal delivery, the baby may contract it in a form of thrush (around the mouth). This article will provide some natural remedies to treat yeast infections during pregnancy.

Home Remedies for Yeast Infections in Women

Yeast infection in women can show up in various areas of the body including breast, stomach, feet, and around skin folds. However, most common for women is in the vagina because yeast loves to be in a dark moist environment. Therefore this article will focus on vaginal yeast infection remedies and cures for women.

Get to Know More About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient yet very popular healthcare system. Ayurveda comes from the words Veda which means science and Ayus which means life. This healthcare system focuses on the individual rather than the disease. This makes Ayurveda different from many other healing systems. It helps people re-establishing balance in their body through various ways such as exercise, diet and body cleansing.

The Natural Wonders of Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing is a spiritual Japanese practice that was first designed by a Buddhist monk in 1922. The inventor, Mikao Usui, is said to have learned this form of healing during an intense period of mediation and prayer. It is believed that the realization of Reiki came to him as a spiritual revelation. Usui taught his newly discovered form of healing to several pupils, who continued the chain of teaching throughout the years. Over time, Western healers began to study this method, and it has become a very popular form of alternative medicine.

How to Face Life With Good Health on Your Side

The food that you eat makes your brain function in a particular way. The term in computer parlance is Garbage In, Garbage Out (GIGO). If you feed yourself with lousy food, then your thoughts are going to be likewise, whereas good eating habit leads to a life full of vigor and thoughts which will assist you to face the daily chores better.

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