EXCUSE ME DOCTOR with Dr. Melissa Clarke ; A Producers Show THE OMICRON VARIANT

Conditions Naturopathy Treats

Naturopathic is founded on the idea that your body has the natural capability to cure itself. A naturopath will measure the person holistically, and identify the reason for an issue or condition.

Revealed: How Stress Reduces Immune System Strength

Worried about your immune health? Find out how reducing stress can dramatically improve your immune health strength. Dr. Michael E Rosenbaum, MD explains the connection.

It Is Fab to Rehab

Nearly everyone is addicted to something albeit drugs, alcohol, shopping, attention, looking good, sugar, coffee, etc. In order to raise the vibration of our planet, we must rehab our behavior and raise our very own vibration first.

Shiatsu, A Japanese Acupressure Massage

Ancient Chinese healers discovered that if they used light finger pressure on the sick that their patients would get better. They treated digestive problems and increased energy in their patients. They documented their work and discovered over time that energy flows along certain pathways within the body and there was a corresponding organ affected by this flow of energy. They labeled these major pathways Meridians.

Looking for a Holistic Health Practitioner

Leading an active lifestyle is the way to go. However, what if you feel something wrong that happens out of the blue? Like there would be a time when a person asks, “Why do I feel sick like this?” when there was clearly no reason to feel that way.

Negative Ions: Positive Effect on Mood

Mood disorders affect millions of American’s nationwide. Luckily, negative ion therapy is a simple and natural way to treat this type of disorder.

Makeover Your Medicine Cabinet With Essential Oils

When you have common scrapes, cuts, burns, and sickness, you usually heal them with nasty medicine that is full of toxins, chemicals and pollutants. Now there is a safer, healthier alternative to receiving relief from every day cuts, burns, and scrapes: Essential oils. Replace your medicine cabinet with essential oils and notice the difference today!

4 Immune Boosting Essential Oils That Will Have Your Kids Healthy and Ready for Back to School

When it’s time for you precious children to go back to school, you only want what’s best for them. It can be hard to pressure them to go to school when germs are floating everywhere. From the water fountain to the toilet seat, it seems like they just can’t get away from those pesky varmints that cause cold, flus, and infections. Luckily, there is home remedies that can help minimize your children from being sick all school year round!

Reductionism Vs Holism: Is the Cell More Important Than the Person in Treating Chronic Disease?

We celebrate Reductionism in medicine. The media loves to tell us that a simple chemical or pill will cure what ails us. There is a need for Reductionism and Holism in the treatment of disease – especially chronic disease.

What Are Your Brainwaves?

We all have 4 main brainwaves, and they are, according to their speeds, from highest to lowest: Beta, Alpha, Theta & Delta. Each brainwave activity has its own characteristics, reflecting a special state of consciousness and a certain level of brain activity.

Swimming Through the Sea of Omega 3

Confused about all the contradictory information in the news on omega 3? Dr. Lane will clarify for you some of the benefits, drawbacks, and give recommendations on how to incorporate more omega 3 into your diet.

2 Easy Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Worried about the upcoming flu season? Here are 2 easy (and fun) ways to strengthen your immune system. No pills, shots or strange potions needed!

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