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Part III: Mind-Body-Faith Phenomenon: “Harnessing Practical Faith for Maximal Wellness”

The Mind-Body-Faith Phenomenon is a holistic concept that allows for the enlistment and coming together of body, mind-and also the spirit–in the struggle for improved health and healing. Working with the mind and body alone is just part of the equation. Add the spiritual dimension, and you are able to hop health hurdles never before thought possible through the power of positive thinking and prayer.

How Numerology Works

Our world today is reclaiming back all its old lost knowledge and using the same to help us in our lives and numerology is one of the oldest sciences from the time of Pythagoras.Physics and Chemistry is based on mathematics and biology and Psychology is based on Physics and Chemistry, thus this makes numerology the base for all sciences.

Fixing Your Moving Parts: Searching for the Best in Orthopedics

The adult human body has 206 bones, and those bones, along with joints and muscles, can become damaged. Finding a great physician that specializes in orthopedics can fix what is broken and help ensure that your body is in top shape.

The Secrets of Juicing: How To Heal Your Organs

Are you trying to get more veggies in your diet? Perhaps your turning a healthy corner. Whatever the reason, juicing may be one of the best ways to help repair your body and keep you healthy.

How Organic Healing Methods Can Offer More Benefits Than Prescription Drugs

The use of organic healing methods date back thousands of years. It was the original way of healing – by using the power of mother nature to treat ailments and conditions. The use of prescription medicine has not been around for as long as natural healing remedies, yet the majority of people are turning towards their doctors to find a drug that can help them cure a disease, disorder or even a simple headache. While prescription medication may be very efficient in treating a large number of conditions, it is still important to ask yourself why turn towards chemically formulated drugs when mother nature has the ability to heal these conditions herself.

Neck And Shoulder Pains Are All Stories Of The Past!

The neck comforter is a new neck traction device that will stretch your neck to relax those strained muscles and improve your posture. It also helps decompress the spine and maximize circulation between your neck to your head and the circulation between your neck and to your arms. You can also use the device to increase the movement in your neck by loosening up any stiff joint that you may have.

Choosing Organic Ticks a Lot of Boxes

Many of the attributes that consumers are looking for in their food, beverages, household items and beauty products are covered under the banner of certified organic products. This can help make shopping easier in a world where food choices can often be confusing.

Critiquing the Critics of Organics

There is more than one side to every debate, and the world of organics is not exempt. There are those who believe through and through that organics is the way forward for a healthy and sustainable future. On the other end of the continuum, there are critics who strongly believe that organic farming is not the answer for sustainability, and that choosing organic will have little impact on a person’s health. Then of course there are those in the middle who aren’t strongly pulled either way.

The Original Medicine and Not The Alternative

In the rat race of life, people are falling as victims to more and more diseases. Conventional medicine has encountered innumerous changes and is still going through the process of change but somehow the cure has come to a point of saturation. It is just putting a ‘comma’ to the ailments and not a life time ‘full-stop’. Holistic medicine has pledged to overcome this barrier and in the past few decades it has probably done so.

Panchakarma – The Ancient Art of Detoxification in Ayurveda

Detoxification is an important aspect of promoting and ensuring holistic health. In fact, it has been practised for centuries.

How Important It Is to Learn to Fine-Tune Your Eating: Eating Only What You Need

The health industry is full of information, some of it works great for some people. When it doesn’t work for you, Fine-tuning your eating will help you feel better, have more energy and have great digestion, while reducing the chances of being at risk for a familial disease.

The NLP Energy Clearing Process

How can you clear your energy field the NLP way? Why is energy clearance important? What can it help with?

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