Health Advice For People Who Have HEARTBURN And Other Issues With Drinking LEMON Water

Healing Herbs and Herbal Remedies

Healing herbs can easily be used to enhance your health. Herbs have less side effects than traditional over the counter drugs. With a very small investment you can have a wide variety of items to heal a lot of issues.

The Benefit of Coconut Oil

Over the years coconut oil has gained a bad reputation because of its high content in saturated fat. Though, further research has shown that coconut oil is not only an oil containing a good saturated fat, but a miracle oil. See the benefit of using coconut oil in your everyday life.

Different Acupuncture Points for Infertility

One thing that many men and women alike miss out on is the holistic medicine that comes from Eastern Chinese wisdom. One of the medical breakthroughs that are now accepted by many insurance plans is acupuncture.

Are You Feeling Fatigued All the Time?

One surefire way of staying healthy is to ensure that we include healthy dietary supplements in our diet.. Some people visit the doctor for the simple reason of feeling fatigued. In addition to this there are those who feel as if they lack focus, can’t concentrate and “zone out” several times during the day. Some of them complain of stomach upset, bloating or constipation… others may feel moody or find their memory is starting to slip. All this points to one very important fact in our lives… ensuring that we include health dietary supplements in your diet is key to staying healthy.

What Does a Healthy Midlife Look Like?

What does good health look like? As a yoga teacher and health enthusiast, I encourage people to engage in a system of self-care. This means looking after your body, mind and spirit on a daily basis. Prevention is key and with health care costs rising, it behooves you to get a handle on where you are with your health.

The Body’s Many Cries for Water

Dr. Batmanghelidj is the author of “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water”. In the book, he writes about his findings during the years he worked using water as his only remedy. He claims thirst is only one of the body’s ways of expressing dehydration. He feels a dry mouth is an advanced stage of lack. His clinical practice in prison gave him the experience to assign several different illnesses which he felt were symptoms of dehydration.

Pitch Plastic Health Risks

Plastic has been one of the most time, safety and lifesaving inventions of all times. But, it can lead to some health risks. Learn more about safe and unsafe plastics and keep your risk low.

Does Sprinting Increase Height?

Does sprinting increase height? And if so, how much can you really grow taller from sprinting? These are the questions I want to answer in the following article.

Chaing Mai Study Shows Propolis Clears Up Cold Sores in a Matter of Hours

Propolis is a resinous composition that bees collect from tree buds and certain flowers; it is used to seal off small spaces in the hive to protect it and improve the environment of the bee colony. Generally, brownish in color, it is proved by Chinese research to include isolated sinapinic acid, isoferulic and caffeic acids. These compounds have anti-bacterial properties. However, there is evidence too, that Propolis has anti-viral components.

Human Biophotons

It has been proven that all living cells emit light. The small fraction of light a living cell emanates has been termed “biophoton.” This term comes from the Greek, with bio meaning “life” and photon meaning “light” (not to be confused with “bioluminescence,” the energy released by fireflies, angelfish and other creatures).

Holistic Cancer Treatment – Powerful, Effective, Yet Simple

Holistic cancer treatment is not widely known about. Does that mean that it is not effective or not a very useful alternative? Not at all. Why it is not more common is a complex question to answer and not the subject of this article. But be assured that it has nothing to do with how powerful and effective it is.

How Difficult Is It To Increase Your Height As An Adult?

Is it difficult to increase your height as an adult? What are the chances you could grow taller by an additional 2 to 4 inches, even though you’ve already passed the age of puberty? This is what I want to discuss in the following article.

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