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Common Shoulder Injures – Healing The Natural Way

The most common shoulder injuries tend to involve tendon or ligament injury. Names that indicate these problems include frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tear and bursitis. Sport injuries are probably the leading cause of these conditions, but falling heavily can also cause them.

Suffering From Constipation? There Are 3 Easy Ways for You Get to Regularity!

Do you only have a bile movement once or twice a week? Are you dependent on taking laxatives? Do you have stomach cramps?

Cause And Effect – Ensure You Know The Difference

Cause and effect are two very distinct areas of every problem. In our highly materialistic world, it is common to ignore the cause and deal with the effect. This never solves the problem, which progresses and becomes ever worse, with more and more complications.

Infection With Enteroviruses May Lead to Paralysis

Enterovirus infection is a leading cause of a variety of mild, as well as significant diseases affecting the nervous system and heart. Most of the symptoms with which people suffer are the result of uncontrolled inflammation.

It Is a Vicious Cycle-Stress Leads to Inflammation, and Inflammation Leads to Stress

Both physically and emotionally stress is hard on the body. Stress results in heightened inflammatory responses of the body, and increases in inflammation contribute to more stress.

Curcuma, a Broad Spectrum Healer

Curcuma is a component of turmeric. It is a powerful natural substance addressing a vast range of health issues. The list of healing benefits attributed to it is more extensive than that of most other single ingredient natural preparations available. Its properties enable it to work as an antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory, a method of cancer prevention and more.

Natural Blood Thinners – Less Dangerous Than Medication

If you are looking for natural blood thinners, then congratulations on being a deep thinker! Obviously, you are not content with taking a dangerous medical blood thinner for life. Instead, you want to take control of your own life and health. This is something everyone should do, as only you know how you feel and what any substance does to or for you.

On Becoming Whole

Many of us try to be perfect because we think we have to be perfect. This false assumption can lead to many challenges. Instead of trying to be perfect, we should instead spend time trying to be whole.

Nutritional Choices That Stop Stress in Its Tracks

When someone mentions the words “food” and “stress” in the same sentence, you’re probably instantly looking at the connection between too much stress and using food as comfort. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying food. We’ve always been a society where meals are meant for bonding with friends and family. Of course, using it in an unhealthy way, to suppress feelings, is never good.

Reasons Why Your Ear May Be Aching

Ear infections are quite common in young children and some adults. This article explains causes, symptoms and several home remedies to ease pain and stop infection.

The (Not So) Miracle Cure

We want the magic bullet that is going to cure everything in a jiffy. But life doesn’t work that way. Here’s why you should avoid the fads.

Being Your Authentic Self

Being your authentic self is not common today. Instead, the pressure is on to conform, to do as others do, not to stand out, not to think. And this means not to be responsible. How can you be, when you are following others, rather than your own heart?

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