Health Warning About KALE!

The Minister Of Wellness & Dr. Chef Felicia Ann Jordan exposes the truth about the overhyped health benefits of kale.
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Understanding the Traditional Chinese Medicine

There have been many miraculous cases of people who have healed themselves by clinging to religion or positively thinking themselves out of a life-threatening ailment. Psychologists have been studying the idea of “mind over matter” for decades now, with little scientific proof as to the mechanics of miracles. The proof lies in the end result for these anomalies.

Traditional Chinese Medicine And Infertility Treatments

When you are thinking about traditional Chinese medicine the thought of using it as an alternative cure for infertility probably never crossed your mind. The theory of Traditional Chinese medicine is a very holistic approach to health care. There is the strict belief that there are five forces at work in a person’s body at any given point in time.

Popular Misconceptions Regarding Chinese Medicine

It’s interesting to see that there exist two different kinds of knowledge in Chinese folk medicine. One has been recorded in history books and herbal dictionaries, which we may consider standard or official. The other is being circulated around verbally among the population, which contains a lot of conflicting information not found in the written version.

Moving Towards Chinese Medicine For Health Issues

“There are four basic foundations of achieving and maintaining good health. These are diet, exercise, adequate rest and relaxation, and a good mental attitude,” writes Bob Flaws, author of over two-dozen books on Chinese medicine. In traditional Western medicine, everything must be tangible and calculable, which is why some scholars are hesitant to delve into more philosophical, cosmic realms with Chinese alternative medicines and therapies.

Training in Traditional Chinese Medicine

When you’re ready to achieve your degree or certificate in one of the world’s most ancient healing arts, then you should acquire training in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). With programs ranging from certification in Tuina (Chinese medical massage) to a doctorate in Oriental medicine, the educational options are wide open. To earn your masters in acupuncture and Oriental medicine (MSTOM), training in traditional Chinese medicine entails anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, acupuncture and Oriental medicine (fundamentals, diagnosis, and treatment); acupuncture point locations, applications and theory; acupuncture and needling techniques; auricular acupuncture (ear acupuncture), Tai Chi, Qi Gong, …

Does Chinese Herbal Medicine Work?

Dr. Ting Hung-Leung, Hong Kong’s deputy director for Traditional Chinese Medicine, commented: “The problem in 1997 was we had over 7,000 practitioners of herbal and Traditional Chinese Medicine and anyone could call themselves TCM practitioners.” Now rigid licensing and educational standards have made the study more acceptable to Western standards.

Courses in Holistic Healing

Have you ever wandered what it would be like to become a holistic healer? Due to increased interest in natural and complementary medicine, there are a growing number of courses in holistic healing; some of these programs result in certification or a diploma of completion.

Home Remedies for Swelling Feet – Herbal and Natural Remedies

A swelling feet may occur due to varied reasons and may sometime accompany with pain. There are several home remedies to get relief from foot pain and swelling.

Basic Healing Approaches of Chinese Medicine

Learning Chinese medicine requires good understanding of its basic approaches. The materials to be discussed here are related to my previous articles entitled “Balance”, “Modern Adaptation”, and “Hot and Cold” (Parts I and II). You may like to review them first.

Holistic Health – Approach and Benefits

A lot of people are turning towards a holistic health approach for their health care needs today because of the rising costs and dangerous side effects of traditional medicine and synthetic drugs. Our health care system is failing us in many ways and it seems one of the best ways to address this problem is by taking matters into our own hands, but that isn’t always easy and can sometimes be frightening. It can be hard to get past the skepticism of those around us.

Holistic Stress Relief Methods – Discover Their Healing Powers

Holistic stress relief methods heal the root cause of tension and worry. By eliminating the stressor as opposed to the stress-related symptoms, permanent healing is achieved.

Herbal Remedies For Sinus Infection

Sinus infections are painful and recurring! This is what makes them dreadful. An inflammation of the sinus that leads to trapping of mucus in the cavities is known as a sinus infection or, more commonly, sinusitis. There are a number of treatments available to ease the pain of a sinus infection. Of these, the herbal remedies for sinus infection are the best. Read on to know why.

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