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Probiotics – The Good Bacteria

If I was stranded on an island, and only allowed ONE supplement to take with me… what would I choose? That’s easy – probiotics. Our body has both good and bad bacteria – which we need for different reasons. However the average American has too much “bad” bacteria.

The Kingdom of Candida

I too had Candida for many years along with my wife. It cannot only be annoying but damn right tiring. Then one morning I woke up and I suddenly recognized I no longer had the Candida. I told my wife and she too was surprised as neither of had had any symptoms for almost a year.

Understanding Why You Have Ear Ringing Tinnitus

Discover some of the common issues that are believed to cause ear ringing tinnitus. Discover simple things you can do now that will reduce the ear ringing.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar: A Powerful And Proven Weight Loss Aid?

For centuries, apple cider vinegar has been used as a medicinal remedy for a wide number of illnesses. At one time or another, it has been used as a treatment for warts, fighting infection, as an antiseptic and even to increase fertility! While it’s hard to say if apple cider vinegar really helped any of these conditions, there is no doubt that it can be very useful for improving general health and helping with…

Understanding Addiction and the Simplicity of Cure

This article describes the difference between addictive behaviour and genuine enjoyment. It also explains the root of all addictions and gives tips on how to change. It also gives information about a few homeopathic remedies that can support you on your journey out of addictive behaviour.

How to Have a 6-Pack Flat Tummy

Without controversy, many people desire to keep fit and healthy. There are people who want a nice-looking physique. Having a flat tummy is one of the utmost desires of many folks in town. Here are simple tips for having a flat tummy.

How to Get a Healthy Body

Have you ever heard the phrase, “life is a balancing act?” It’s the idea of achieving a healthy mental-physical state with a good blend of work, play and other activities. The health of your body at the biochemical level is also a balancing act involving many metabolic pathways communicating and interacting with each other within the cells of our organs and tissues – in other words, metabolic balance.

Treatment For Diverticulitis – Naturally And Effectively

The natural treatment for diverticulitis varies in which discipline of health care you choose. But none are invasive or carry the often serious side effects found with that offered by mainstream medicine.

Ideas to Use Bananas As a Hangover Cure

With a pounding head and bloating stomach, these interesting banana based hangover remedies will surely do some good! Hangover is a negative side effect that comes with parties and fun. Some call it unavoidable and some start drinking more so that it doesn’t affect them as much. There are different ways by which people try to avoid a hangover.

Have You Ever Experienced A Detox Steam Treatment In A Siberian Cedar Barrel?

You lose approximately 1100 calories in 15 minutes. The unique detox steam system of the cedar barrel gently warms up a human body causing perspiration and detoxification of the whole organism. Dilated vessels, increased blood flow, decreased blood pressure, improved metabolism are few of the multiple effects of the system. The Cedar Barrel is a proven effective system to support anti-aging and weight-loss programs.

An Essential Guide to How Reiki Works and How It Can Benefit Your Health

Reiki is a holistic therapy practice that has been used for over three thousand years, dating right back to its use in ancient Tibet. However, it’s only over the last 200 years that Reiki has been brought to the attention of the western world. There are mixed bags of emotions when it comes to the effectiveness of Reiki therapy, but no matter what the supporters and critics say, it is true that many health practitioners in the west are now incorporating the therapy into their treatment programs. So, if you want to understand a little bit more about this intriguing practice, read on…

Qigong = “Qi Work”: But Not All Qi Work Is Created Equal

“Qigong” (sometimes spelled “chi kung”) translates literally to “qi work.” But, technically, everything you do uses qi in some way, so everything is “qi work.” What we want is to work the qi in the right way.

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