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Herbal Remedies to Deal With Toothache, Ulcers, and Warts

A toothache can bring sever pain. It signals a problem with a tooth or gum and needs to be looked at by a dentist. If you can’t get to a dentist immediately, however, you can help ease the pain with an herbal remedy.

Herbal Remedies to Deal With Gas and Gum Disease

Gas or flatulence occurs in everyone. If your gas is severe it can become uncomfortable and painful. Certain foods are known to produce gas, and you can avoid these foods if gas is a problem for you. These foods are broccoli, potatoes, dairy products and beans. Swallowing too much air while eating can also produce gas.

Herbal Remedies For Stress and Sunburn

Stress is unavoidable in our busy world. You can limit the amount of everyday stress you have by developing calming methods and through exercise. Some stress is dealt with through prescription medication. Herbal treatments can be very beneficial, but consult with your physician first if you are already taking medication.

Herbal Remedies For Hives and Indigestion

Hives are itchy red skin patches of irritated skin that is raised and bumpy. It is considered to be an allergic reaction to foods, medications or insect bites. They can also be caused by mold, pollen and animal dander. Mild cases of hives can successfully be treated with herbal remedies. If your hives are severe or cause you to have breathing problems see a doctor immediately.

Herbal Remedies For High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol

High blood pressure is common in many adults. A number of factors can contribute to high blood pressure, including genetics, and can be aggravated by being overweight. If you are currently taking prescription medication for high blood pressure, do not take herbal cures or stop your current treatment until you discuss this with your doctor.

Herbal Remedies For Eyestrain and Fatigue

Eyestrain can occur in those who overuse their eyes, or can be caused by other factors such as tension or anxiety. Eyestrain is characterized by headaches, blurry vision or difficulty focusing. If you have mild eyestrain every so often it is not a cause for alarm. Some herbal remedies can be helpful.

Go Old School With Herbal Remedies

Even before recorded, historical accounts of man’s earliest use of herbs for medicinal purposes, animals had long been using plant life as a source of cure for their ailments. Even in these modern times, it isn’t unusual to see some domesticated animals (horses and dogs, for example) that seem unwell seeking out a particular plant and eating its leaves, flowers, berries, or roots. Such foliage aren’t in these animals’ typical everyday-menu and would ordinarily be ignored. Similar sightings thousands of years ago were probably what inspired prehistoric man’s primitive experiments with herbs as they sought to find ways to cure various ailments and help heal wounds.

Chinese Medicine – An Introduction

Over 2000 years old, traditional Chinese medicine focuses on balancing energy within the body and with the natural world. Chinese medical treatments include, among others, acupuncture, diet, and herbal remedies. Acupuncture is one of the most well known methods of Chinese medicine.

Compelling Benefits From Traditional Chinese Medicine That You May Not Be Aware Of

Most people have heard about acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), more and more folks in the United States have actually tried them, but people don’t always realize some of the key benefits they should be considering. Traditional Chinese Medicine is Holistic: it looks at the whole person and what’s happening in their whole life.

Holistic Healing – The Whole Human Approach

“Treat the person, not the disease. The cause, not the effect.” These words of Dr. Edward Bach (who developed the Bach Flower Essences) describe the essence of holistic healing. It’s not the easiest course we might choose as humans. Yet many today find it the most satisfying and effective.

Bronchitis – Herbal Remedies

Bronchitis is a condition caused by the presence of harmful pathogens in the respiratory track. These pathogens can either be bacterial or viral.

Medicinal Properties of Curd – As Explained in Ayurveda

According to ayurveda the properties of curd are described as follows. The curd is sour (amla) to taste.

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