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Holistic Ayurvedic Medicine

Avuryeda medicines are just that medicines and should not be confused with supplements which are with certain exceptions harmless, Ayurveda Medicines are not they are mainly based on herbs or herbal extracts as in fact are over 25% of modern medicines and can lead to complications if taken in conjunction with other herbal or conventional medicines, and so it is important that the practitioner is actually qualified in Holistic Ayurvedic Medicine. Recently science has discovered that there are phytochemicals in plants and herbs that play a major role in ones health, these phytochemicals are only extracted if the whole plant is used in the manufacture of the herbal remedy or the given supplement, so if you are using supplements or a herbal preparation as opposed to natural fresh herbs, check to see that it is whole plant supplement or remedy

Herbal Remedies For Premenstrual Period, Menopausal Period, and Mastitis

You might disagree but hear me out on this… herbal remedies can be as effective as modern day medicines prescribed by most doctors. Although medications are the most popular way to treat simple to severe or complex disease, sickness, or condition, herbs are a good alternative.

Effective Herbal Remedies For Fibroids

Conventional medicine holds very few benefits for women with fibroids, with surgery and drug treatment providing only symptomatic relief. Indeed, as nothing is done to treat the causes of fibroids, they are likely to regrow following treatment.

Uses of Aloe in Herbal Remedies

Aloe has at times been described as a first aid kit with roots. In North America, it is one of the most popular herbs used today. Historically, it was used first in Florida by Native Americans and also in the Southwest. The main use of aloe over the years has been as a skin remedy; however, there are other uses for aloe as well.

Effective and Simple Herbal Remedies For Heartburn!

A lot of people have heartburn and they can’t enjoy their favourite foods, without the burning sensation in the chest. That is why thousands of people at this very moment, are searching for herbal remedies for heartburn and natural remedies in general, just like you are. A lot of these people find what they are looking for and you have also found what you were looking for.

8 Most Effective Herbal Remedies

You have heard it a hundred times, herbs when mixed together in herbal remedies, can work wonders to your health. Herbal remedies are a form of alternative medicine that makes use of plants and plant extracts to address problems with your body, or to prevent problems for occurring. Herbal medicines have been used by different cultures centuries ago, and have also been attributed as one of the precursors to modern medicine.

Herbal Remedies to Relieve Stress

The use of herbal remedies has been used for many centuries. Native American took advantage of native plants that had healing properties. Today many of them used to control anxiety and panic attacks. Here is listed just a few of them. The effectiveness of herbal remedies is not accepted by everyone before starting to take any forms of herbs consult your doctor.

Are Herbal Products a Natural Remedy For Under Eye Dark Circles?

There are some natural remedies to reduce dark circles under eyes. These techniques do not include peels or bleach to lighten dark circles. Sleep sufficiently for 8 hours every day and never ever scratch beneath your eyes.

Herbal Remedies For Kidney Stones – Find Relief From Kidney Stones With Herbal Remedies!

More and more people are becoming interested in herbal remedies for kidney stones and natural remedies in general. The truth is that herbal remedies are very effective, in helping the body flush out kidney stones.

Chinese Herbal Medicines – Advantages and Disadvantages

The intake of Chinese herbal medicines is mainly done in three ways. A patient can take them as tablets, as decoctions or as a granule powder. Chinese herbal medicines have their advantages and disadvantages.

Chinese Herbal Remedies – Therapeutic Effects

Therapeutic effects of the Chinese herbal remedies do not produce the same effects in different individuals. More often and not always, they are usually tested by a trial and error basis whereby you will get others that would suit perfectly as an herbal remedy and others would not. Research shows that before a discovery is made, no one can really tell whether the remedy would really work or if they had to continue researching for the right antidote.

Chinese Herbal Remedies – Therapy

Herbal therapy is the art of mixing different herbs to achieve the desired results on the patient at hand, depending on the symptoms displayed. This is a hard task, since all the cases of patients are unique. The Chinese herbal remedies used should therefore be unique to the diseases being cured.

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