How should I eat to get six-pack abs?


The best way to eat to get six-pack abs is described in our post: “What is the best diet to follow?”; however, getting six-pack abs requires more than a clean diet.

To get six-pack abs, you have to exercise. Your abs are a muscle group found on your stomach; therefore, you don’t get six-pack abs; you only define your muscles, and you build muscle mass.

Ultimately, like anything, six pack abs won’t come overnight. Yes you may get a one pack, two pack, or even a four pack quickly; however, a six pack will come with a lot of hard work and patience.

Let’s jump right into how to eat to get those beloved six pack abs!

What are six pack abs?

Let’s begin with physiology. We all have muscles. We all have biceps(arm muscles). We all have triceps(arm muscles). We all have quadriceps(thigh muscles). Now, with disbelief, we all have six pack muscles.

We all have six pack muscles?

Yes. We all have six pack muscles. The six pack muscles are apart of a larger muscle group called your abdominal muscles. The six pack look is made by dividing tendons in the rectus abdominus(main “six pack” muscle).

We also have other abdominal muscles. We have our obliques and our hip flexors. We also have our transversus abdominus. These muscles all help in coordinating movement, balance, and the ability to hold our own body weight.

The term “six pack” comes from the look that your rectus abdominus gives when you uncover it from the fat. You see: we all have six packs. The thing is: not everyone shows, for some may have more fat than others.

To get your six pack abs to show, you must be under a certain body fat percentage(not have that much fat). This is great and all; however, don’t get too crazy on body fat percentage. There are some real dangers.

Kill me skinny?

Yes. You can hurt yourself by being too skinny. Let me explain. You must have some fat to be healthy. Fat is said to be bad: yes; however, that is what is said; there are lots of things that are said like eating everything in moderation is okay.

I wouldn’t put poison into my mouth in moderation because I know it is horribly bad for me(fast food cough). There are lots of things that are said, but to understand, you must find the underlying truth behind it all.

Let’s get back to fat. Yes, you need fat You need fat inside your body: good fats give you slow releasing energy that doesn’t spike insulin; moreover, you need fat on the outside of your body: fat on the outside of your body helps you out.

Having too little body fat has effects as follows.

  • Deficiency in vitamins that need fat to assimilate into your body.
  • Your body will break down muscles for energy due to lack of fat.
  • You are at an increased risk for damage to your nervous system, internal organs, immune system, and internal organs.
  • You may appear older than you are due to wrinkly skin and sagging.
  • You may get cold easily, for body fat is necessary to keep you warm.
  • It could lead to dehydration and ultimately death.

Now that we understand that not having enough body fat is bad – killing me skinny, let us look at how body fat is good for us.

We need fat?

Yes, we do need fat. Fat is an essential part of our lives. Fat in our food helps us to make tissues in our bodies, and it helps us to produce chemicals for our bodies. Fat is also a source of energy.

Fat serves as an insulator of body heat. It serves to cushion your body, to provide a source of energy, and to structure your body. We really do need fat.

Fat is especially necessary on the inside too. Cells are made up of fat: the cell membrane. Your nerve cells are made up of fat: you need fat to send messages across your whole body.

Fat is really necessary. If fat is so necessary, what is the big deal? The big deal is that America is a materialist society.  We buy things we don’t need: to impress people we don’t know.

People continue to buy more and more material items, yet they are never satisfied. Things like suicide, depression, and despair are rampant. One way in which you can change this narrative is by changing yourself.

Change the channel. You have the ability to listen to this current: this wave; you can change it or stay on the channel. This wave of materialism leads no where but despair, for you chase things which are never going to make you happy.

Yeah, you can chase a nice cut six pack; however, do you really need that? No, not really. The healthy body fat range for men is around 20%, yet to have fully cut abs, you need to be around 10%. Do you see the fallacy of popular culture?

More often than not, if you do not have a defined six pack, you may believe – or people may tell you – you are overweight, yet you may be in a perfectly fine state of health. Just because your health and your life doesn’t glisten like a photo on instagram with filters, you can’t say you aren’t healthy or “okay”.

Putting it all together

  1. We all have six pack abs. They are muscles just like our leg muscles, arm muscles, or back muscles.
  2. These “six pack abs” are only called so because of a defined look. When the fat is gone, your muscles show.
  3. Fat is necessary both inside and outside of your body for essential functions such as cognitive function, controlling your movements (neural pathways), insulating heat, energy storage, and nutrient assimilation.
  4. Having too little fat is dangerous. It can lead to internal organ damage, immune system weakening, and heart disease. Likely, you will be cold often due to lack of insulation from fat.
  5. You don’t need to have cut, defined six pack abs. Society is the only entity that projects the necessity to have six pack abs. As long as you live a healthy life, you are okay where you are at; having a cut six pack does not make you any more “healthy” or “fit”; it only means that your body fat percentage is below a certain level.

What should I do?

Now that it is understood that you can not “get” six pack abs, let us go forth on what to do. Just like with any other muscle you want to strengthen, you exercise it.

You can strengthen your core(ab muscles) with many different exercises.

  • Planks
  • Leg lifts
  • Crunches
  • Sit ups
  • Bicycle kicks
  • Bridge
  • Superman
  • Side plank
  • Ab wheels
  • Jumping Jacks
  • L sit
  • V up
  • V sits
  • Planche

The reason this is effective is because – whether or not people see it- you will have strong core muscles. It is okay that people don’t see your Herculean stomach muscles. They don’t have to. Health is something you do for you, and you should do these too.

  • Eat healthy.
  • Get enough exercise.
  • Get sunlight.
  • Cut tobacco
  • Cut alcohol
  • Cut negative thinking
  • Drink enough water
  • Laugh a lot

This is Black Health Talk. We hope you enjoyed, and we hope you learned. Follow us on social media!