How To INSTANTLY Lose That Last 10-15 Pounds

Shopping the Farmers Market Like a Pro

Not everyone is familiar with the ins and outs of shopping at the farmers market, however. Many of us are far more comfortable with the supermarket and may be a little daunted by the idea of shopping in an open-air market and buying direct from people who produce the food. But there is not much to it. Just keep these few tips in mind.

Body Awareness for an Easy Mind (and a Happier Body!)

The importance of body awareness from the perspective of a former nude art model and energy healer. Includes tips for increasing body awareness even when there is pain or discomfort.

16 Healthy Habits for ALL of the Chakras

Got one chakra overloaded and another diminished? That’s pretty common. Here’s some quick fixes that anyone can do.

What is “RAY KEY?” – A Beginner’s Guide to Reiki

What is Reiki? What is a Reiki Session Like? What are the Benefits? An introduction to Reiki, the healing system, by an Usui Shiki Reiki Master Teacher.

Playlist To Heal Your Chakras

Sound healing is often overlooked as one of the many ways to heal chakras. One well-known sound healing system attributes the musical notes of a C major scale to each of the chakras. For example, the root chakra is boosted by the musical note C, sacral chakra is D, solar plexus is E, etc. Therefore, listening to or, even better, singing music that is in the key of that musical note will help energize that chakra.

Why Do Short People Have Such A Bad Posture?

Especially for short people, this will make a huge difference. There are outer conditions influencing the height of all of us; short people suffer the most.

Bruxism – Some Helpful Tips On A Good Night’s Sleep

Bruxism also known as tooth clenching or dental grinding is a very unique condition. This type of behavior is exhibited during the day or night sleep. It is considered as a unique condition because people who suffer for this kind of disease just get to know about the problem from people who hear or watch them sleep. While this type of medical condition is generally harmless, it can cause various other health concerns such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) or problems in jaw muscles, dental degradation and headaches. Here are some of the treatments you can use

Are Drugs and Herbs the Same?

People are often not clear on how drugs and herbs differ. There is so much information that it is easy for confusion to become common place. Learn how drugs and herbs differ and how this information can affect your family’s overall health.

Treating Insomnia The Holistic Way

This article will give ideas on things to do in order to fight insomnia through a holistic approach. In sleep, the mind and the body are healed, restored and refreshed.

Holistic Nutrition: Eating For Wellness

This article will give insights on the kinds of food and diet in order to have a holistic health. For most of us, being on a diet means starving ourselves in order to lose weight.

How To Use Vinegar As A Home Remedy In Your Healthy Diet Plan

Vinegar is not just for preserving pickles anymore. It is a great tool for cleaning house and has many other powers that most people don’t realize. Did you know vinegar can be an important ingredient in any holistic healthy diet plan?

The Only Healing Herb Needed For Maintaining A Healthy Heart

You only have one heart, so it pays to take care of it. There are a lot of things you can do, but did you also know heart disease is reversible? It is, and this doctor shows you how he helps his patients beat heart disease using this one healing herb and these methods.

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