I’m new to this whole health thing. Where do I start?

First, we are very happy and excited that you have made the matter up in your mind to undertake a lifestyle of health.

Choosing to live a healthier lifestyle is not easy and sometimes not even convenient, but it’s well worth it.

So, where do I start? That answer is quite simple, you must start by changing your mindset. You must realize:

1.  It will take a long time to accumulate a comprehensive knowledge of health.
2.  There is nothing wrong with you starting health now; it is never too late to engage in a self-transformation.

To Begin

One of the very first places you can begin your journey is on the internet. Research terms and phrases you do not know or understand.

For example, you may not know what fasting is, so you research “fasting” on the internet.  Read many different sources to get a comprehensive view on the subject unless you find a source( a teacher) you find a liking to.

Don’t just stick to – for example – healthline, webmd,  or medicalnewstoday. Understand that the medical establishment is an allopathic undertaking. The sole aim of mainstream healthcare and medicine is to suppress and treat symptoms and to combat the ill effects of disease. One essential component is missing here: curing or removing the underlying cause of the symptoms and ill effects.

Allopathic medicine is not about getting rid of the disease itself, nor is it about preventing underlying diseases from forming. An example of the procedures of allopathic medicine would be as such. You go to the doctor’s office; they check your insulin levels, blood pressure, and all other routine items.

They return, and they say you have diabetes. They say that you must take these medications to keep your blood sugar level normal. None of this considers the fact that you – as the distressed- have caused diabetes by your lifestyle choices such as eating fast food, eating processed food, not consuming an adequate amount of vegetables and fruits, not exercising

Enter Holistic Medicine

One of the basic premises of Holistic medicine is to identify and remove the cause of the disease which is the mother of the symptoms.

For example, if you have a headache, a holistic doctor may prescribe you with medication to immediately stop the pain; however, they will also look into other factors that can contribute to headaches such as lack of sleep, caffeine intake, poor  diet, lack of exercise, and stress.

This form of medicine is more wholesome due to the fact that you are not in a self-perpetuating wheel of sickness. When you do not uproot the cause of sickness, you never will be well: you will only seem well because you take medication to diminish the effects of the sickness.

You can begin by looking at such resources as Dr. Sebi’s lectures – on YouTube; What the Health – a documentary; Fat, Sick, and nearly dead – a documentary; and reading books such as “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About” by Kevin Trudeau. Take your time, be easy on yourself, and enjoy a lifetime of health and wellness!

We hope you enjoyed this post, and we hope this helps you to learn! Be safe: be well!