KFC (K-F-DEATH SHACK) Set To Release Its Ultra-Processed Junk “VEGAN” Fried Chicken Nationwide

Better Health: Why Is Gluten Intolerance So Prevalent?

Recent research shows a prevalence toward the increase of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. The problem is growing! The question is – WHY?

Refresh Yourself With An Organic Detox

We all know our bodies contain toxins that are introduced from everywhere. It’s in the food we eat, the air we breathe, and on almost every surface with which we come in contact. These toxins can cause sickness and disease, although our bodies do their best to cleanse themselves. You can help your body get rid of these toxic substances by going on an organic detox.

Homeopathy: The Path To Ultimate Healing

Why hasn’t conventional medical practices been able to rid us of acute diseases despite all of their “scientific” miracles, such as the modern anti-biotics? Homeopathy is not only a safe and inexpensive alternative to costly and toxic “modern” drugs, it offers a nature-compatible path to radiance and lasting health.

Aloe Vera – How To Find The Best Quality

Aloe Vera truly is a wonder plant. It has been harvested for centuries to maintain our health, from skin complaints to digestive disorders, its healing properties are vast. So why don’t more of us use it? In today’s society more emphasis is placed on curing an ailment once we have it instead of preventing it in the first place. The truth is that the large corporate Pharmaceutical companies do not want us to use holistic medicine to treat our conditions and the doctors that treat us are only trained in conventional medicine. So what is the answer?

Ways To Manage Stress And Anxiety

In this age of anxiety and the many extensions of it, it is important to deal with stress before it takes over your life. You need to change from a victim to a take-charge person and control the stress rather let it control you.

Reiki – Energy As Medicine

With such a broad categories as “energy” and “medicine” it’s not surprising that the Wikipedia definition has two different meanings: energy medicine that is known to humankind – “veritable” (by this they mean energy that science has verified) and energy medicine that has not been confirmed by science – “putative”. Energy such as electromagnetism would fall in the former category while Reiki energy and those of other complementary alternative medicines (CAM as defined by the National Institutes of Health) fall in the latter.

A Good Detox Program Can Help You Lose Weight

Do you have a problem losing weight? If you are like me, and millions of people around the world, even losing that last 10 pounds can seem impossible after weeks, or even months, of dieting. We know that our body plateaus during the dieting process, but did you know a detox diet can help your body shed those extra pounds and keep you feeling full at the same time?

Does Homeopathy Really Work?

What is homeopathy? Is it the same as herbal medicine? And does it really work?

Holistic Counselling Explained

You may already have an idea, what holistic counselling is all about, but please bear with me while I explain my holistic approach to counselling. An approach I developed after surviving my battle with cancer. Once I knew I was going to survive, I took a long hard look at our health system.

Top 5 Reasons To Use Homeopathic Remedies

When your body is in pain you take a pill. That pill gives you heartburn, so you take another pill with that pill. THAT pill makes you tired, so you take another pill to counteract the second one which was a reaction ailment to the first. There’s a great chance you’re completely confused by this point, and if you hear the word “pill” one more time (let alone add another to your regimen) you will give up on feeling good ever again. Luckily there is a silver lining in the never ending cloud of stress we live in today; nature’s gift of native cures. Here are a few reasons to put down the prescription and start living a pain free life.

Natural Conception Planning

When couples are planning their family, they need to also consider conception planning from a health standpoint. This time in preparation for a child can bring the family together and educate the couple in a wellness based model. Since our environment dictates our level of health and wellness, preparing the vessel promotes a healthy pregnancy.

Naturally Healthy Children

As a society we are becoming more aware of how to promote healthy growth and development in our children through a whole foods diet, exercise and unconditional love. However, the environment to which our children are exposed plays a crucial role in how this healthy foundation is acted out in the prevention of serious diseases. Children of this century have higher exposures to environmental toxins than our ancestors.

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