MS and Your Immune System

What Can Be Done For A Sinus Infection?

Many moons ago back in the eighties, shortly after I had qualified as an Osteopath and Naturopath I worked at a health hydro. Inevitably, having to treat anything up to 20-30 in-patients on a daily basis meant that at some point, one would catch a bug of some description. In my case, it went from being a cold to an acute sinus infection.

A New Perspective on Medicine

Society increasingly resorts to pharmaceuticals as a means of alleviating pain, treating infection and illness, yet many of these synthetic drugs have long lists of side-effects. What the world doesn’t know is the potency of natural remedies. Thus, medical coverage is not universal, and this precipitates the need for holistic treatments.

Learn How to FLY For Busy Professional Women

Busy professional women are so used to putting everything and everyone else before themselves. As a result, their health suffers. When you continually put other people and things before yourself, you diminish your capacity to give, feel, and flourish. Here are 10 ways you can put yourself further up on your to-do list without feeling guilty. From taking yourself out on a date, to eating in peace, this article will help you nourish yourself emotionally and physically.

How to Stay Well at Work This Winter for Busy Professional Women

Staying well at work is challenging during winter. If you’re a busy professional woman and want to know how to stay well naturally, here are seven ways to boost your immune system this winter. From lavender essential oil to ginger tea, here’s to a happy and healthy winter!

What Is Copaiba Oil and What Does It Do?

Essential Oils do not simply mask symptoms. They pass through cell membranes to address the root causes of issues on a cellular level. This article addresses the oil Copaiba and what it does for the body and how to use it.

4 Benefits of Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine is intended to focus on a person’s whole being. This provides a more all-inclusive approach to healing and focuses on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellness. The ability to focus on multiple areas makes it possible to diagnose the root cause of an illness or other complaint and aims to eliminate this illness by promoting healthy living.

Holistic Healing for Digestive Disorders

The digestive system assists the body in absorbing required nutrients and eliminating waste. Any problems to this crucial system can lead to pain or discomfort. However, there are natural, holistic healing remedies that can eliminate digestive disorders, tackling the underlying cause of the problem instead of masking it. Nutritional Response Testing is a great holistic healing remedy to deal with digestive disorders.

A Healthy Lifestyle Requires Healthy Cookware – Why?

The foundation for a healthy life is embedded in providing the body healthy food. A well-balanced diet every day is the key to keeping your body functions efficient. While you may be on a wholesome balanced diet, there is one other factor that can steal the nutrients and make your food toxic – your cookware. Find out how and what you can do about it.

The Unknown Facts About the Natural Healer Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been used for centuries for different purposes including medical treatment, beauty and skin care, herbal remedy, etc. Aloe Vera ensures a total solution for your body, skin, hair and nail. It not only helps to soothe the external part of the body but also works as a healing property for the internal body.

What Society Needs to Learn From Hollywood’s Decades Old Sexual Harassment, Assault and Rape

Few people fathom the emotional impact sexual harassment, assault or rape can produce in anyone’s life. The initial shock of it, the severity of pain, the denial of it, the betrayal, and the way it throws people off his/her center of reality. There are no words to describe the devastation of sexually harassment, assault or rape. Family members are baffled by the survivor’s sometimes bazaar reactions or behavior.

The Secret to Healthy Cooking: I Bet You Didn’t Think of This

Besides healthy ingredients, there’s an important thing that plays a key role in keeping your food healthy and safe. It’s the cookware! Did you think of this before? You may be cooking nutritious ingredients but what good is it if they get contaminated by toxins from cookware? Based on actual experience, this article discusses the problem thoroughly and provides a viable solution.

Keep Your Family Healthy and Planet Green With Pure Clay

Do you believe that everyday lifestyle choices can impact the environment? If yes, you are already an enlightened being that is a positive force to mother earth! You will learn in this article how one more important choice you make every day makes a big impact in this regard.

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