MS in the Black Community

Enema or Colonic – The Better Option for Bowel Troubles

Nothing can be more painful and frustrating than encountering an imbalance in the bowel function. People rush to the doctors and clinicians to get rid of this unpleasant encounter. However, in the process of choosing the best hydrotherapy for ensuring a healthy bowel function; most of the people get confused between the two remedies that are colonic and enema.

Four Reasons to Choose a Whole Body Wellness Clinic

Too often, people neglect their health until they’re in an emergency room. Visiting a wholistic wellness clinic can help one avoid illness using preventative medical methods.

Let Your Body Do The Talking Through Nutrition Response Testing

Many have heard the term before, but what exactly does nutrition response testing, or NRT, mean? What is involved, and what is determined by this type of physiological test? Let’s get straight to some answers to these frequently asked questions about this particular matter of modern day holistic healthcare.

Your Personal Health and Lifestyle Agenda Part III

Now you can implement your personal agenda to change your life. The first two articles delivered essential information to create your Personal Agenda. Fulfill your New Year resolutions and build your road to success, now you have a detailed description of how to organize and maximize your individual characteristics (Articles 1 & 2).

Your Personal Health and Lifestyle Agenda Part II

Creating a daily formula: involves five basic needs: sleeping, eating and drinking, personal care time, activities, and social time. Incorporating them into your formula is the secret to reduce, even remove, stress from your life.

Your Personal Health and Lifestyle Agenda for 2017

Build your road to success for 2017 by creating your personal agenda, a tool that will make your New Years resolutions actually work. What are your physical, emotional, and social goals for the year? With your personal agenda you create specific steps that consist of assessing your objectives, planning, establishing a personalized blueprint, a daily formula, and implementing your resolutions.

Vitality and Flair

How would you like to deal with aging and deterioration? Will you let it take over your life or will you enjoy the things you can still enjoy? Focus on the wrongs or focus on the chances?

What Everybody Ought To Know About Sunlight And How It Optimizes Your Natural Immune Power For FREE

The relationships Vitamin D has with serious health problems such as asthma and immune disorders. And why the Sun is the best source for Vitamin D.

Your Life Can Be Part of A Beautiful Painting by Following a Healthy Lifestyle

Life can be described as a beautiful painting where you can find softness with the color blue, positivity with green, abundance with the color gold and perhaps sensitivity with silver. But, the perfection of white may be missing in many people’s lives as the tendency of developing poor food habits causes a lot of damage to the body and mind, and the wish to live a long and healthy life.

Saving Patients $30,000

Your nervous system controls all bodily functions. When your nervous system is out of sync, it is the beginning of health problems and costly expenses.

My Theory Of Everything And How It’s Important For Understanding Your Health

Let’s say that Life is a pond. Each raindrop is a singular entity, a person or an event, sending out waves of influence into the pond that eventually run into other waves. Every time a wave interacts with another wave, it changes both waves. Those changed waves interact with other changed waves and both are changed again. Eventually all the waves have interacted and influenced each other. This is a metaphor for your health. At this point they all share a common connection by way of all the interactions and changes that they have experienced, are experiencing and will experience together.

Part IV: Mind-Body-Faith Phenomenon: The Power of Prayer

When practical faith is added to the mind-body connection, it allows patients to navigate the turbulent waters of infirmity, surgery, and disability with greater ease and comfort. Praying an trusting in a higher power, God for most, can bring unprecedented optimism, hope, and healing in many forms, into even the bleakest, most dire health circumstances.

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