Perfect Outfit Ideas for Active Women

Treat Common Cold With Homoeopathy

The common cold is an acute infection of the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory system. Usually, a cold is acquired either by breathing in the virus-laden air or by touching a surface that has been contaminated by the virus.

How to Strengthen the Kidneys With Chinese Herbs

Strengthening the kidneys with Chinese herbs is a centuries old tradition. Find out about four major Chinese herbs and how they can help fortify the kidneys, bringing overall health to the entire body.

How To Stay Healthy – 5 Simple Tips to Healthy Living

The most difficult thing to maintain is to keep fit and live healthy. With all the easy, one-step way of doing things people have become too lazy to choose a better lifestyle for themselves or for their families. Here are some basic, yet efficient ways to remain in good shape.

The Top Five Lies the Raw Gurus Don’t Want You to Know

Here are the top 5 lies the raw food leaders don’t want you to think about or know. Warning: Reading this article may open your mind to self-empowerment.

Dieting: Don’t Do It!

Hi everyone! Let’s spend a few minutes together discussing the dirty subject of DIETING. All of us, no matter what shape we are in, have been suckered in to trying some form of diet, detox, or restricted food intake at some point in our lives.

Common Herbal Treatments to Cure Stomach Pains

Anyone can experience intense abdominal pain at any given moment without notice. It can be remedied in many ways, however, this type of pain may be an indication of a more serious health problem that may need immediate attention.

Biological Rhythms

Your body is the result of millions of years of adaptation to the forces of nature. These natural forces are the movement of the planets, sun, moon and the stars. We witness these forces as the cycles of the ages, the seasons, tides, the days and the nights as well as the varied climates and weather patterns around the globe.

Hypnosis Brings Healing and Empowerment

Hypnosis is one of those therapies that everyone has heard about – but surprisingly few have tried. Here I do not intend to discuss ‘stage hypnotism’ or the like, but will focus on the therapeutic possibilities of hypnotherapy. First, let’s consider a bit of background to the subject.

Natural Help With Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is safe and effective with millions of users all around the world. There are countless ailments for which herbal, homeopathic and other forms of natural help are used.

Healthy Eating – 3 Baby Steps

Making drastic diet changes isn’t for everyone, myself included. Telling people that they must give up ALL of their favorites and drink grapefruit juice for 2 weeks is downright crazy. What we need is a more workable system for undoing bad habits and getting the correct ones in place.

Fast Track to a Better Health

We work hard to have a better life, work, status and even a better health. Are you confident that your body can keep up with the pace? Does your body have enough energy and nutrients to keep you going?

What Is Licorice?

For most of us, our introduction to licorice was the black twists that were obtained at the grocery, drug store, candy store or a neighborhood fair of some sort when we were young and quite impressionable. Of course there was red licorice too, but everybody “knew” that licorice was black.

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