STAY AWAY From Taco HELL Chicken Wings!!!

What to Do If Your Child Has a Fever

Fever represents a universal, ancient, and usually beneficial response to infection, and its suppression under most circumstances has few, if any, benefits. The fact that there is little to no evidence that Tylenol/Advil therapy contributes to health has not stopped marketers, and sadly, most doctors from continuing to give patents this bad advice.

Preparing for Surgery: How to Use Guided Imagery for Optimal Outcomes

The primary purpose of this article is to help you feel calmer and more empowered as you prepare for your medical procedure. The more you practice this method the more effective it will be. Guided Imagery can help you achieve improved surgical outcomes; this includes less pain, fewer complications and even a faster recovery. Relaxation can help you lower your cortisol and adrenaline levels, leading to lower blood pressure and heart rate. The more you practice the better your results and the more relaxed you will be at the time of surgery.

Steps to Reverse a Fatty Liver Condition

Fatty liver simply put is a condition where fat accumulates in and around the passageways of the liver causing the liver to function inadequately. Herbs have been used throughout the ages for the treatment of this condition.

The Healing Powers of Far-Infrared Ray

Far-infrared rays have been dubbed “the Light of Life”. NASA determined that the far-infrared part of the sun’s spectrum is most beneficial for life on earth… therefore coining the phrase. It provides the healthy benefits of natural sunlight without any of the dangerous effects of solar radiation.

What Are Negative Ions?

Negative ions freshen and purify the air. Negative ionization does a superb job of eliminating most tiny particles that float in the air. An ionized room can help people with allergies because allergens such as animal dander, mold spores and pollen will clump together and fall to the floor to be vacuumed up rather than left floating in the air to be breathed in where they can cause allergic reactions.

How To Reduce Crohn’s Disease Symptoms By Using Holistic Supplements

There are a good many people out there that take the same approach with their bodies as they have with their automobiles. That is, they run them as hard as they can, without taking much, if any responsibility for them, until the body finally breaks down from neglect, at which point, they drive it into the doctor’s office, and expect the doctor to get them tuned up again, and back out on the road. Other people take the motto to heart that “if it ain’t broke (the body) don’t fix it”.

Oily Skin Remedies

Many people, especially on the West, treat their bodies as something which is strange, something they have to fight against. What happened to us to think that we have to fight against ourselves?

Reflexology For Total Health

Foot massage is not new to the human race. There is strong evidence that a form of therapy, similar to what we call reflexology today, have been practiced for centuries, by many diverse cultures. The oldest documentation depicting reflexology was discovered in Egypt. A pictograph dated around 2500 – 2330 BC show an Egyptian physician working on two men. The hieroglyphic reads. Patients: “Do not hurt me” Practitioner: “I shall act so you praise me”.

The Enzyme Factor

The rate of chemical reactions is dependent upon the abundance of the reactants. If you burn a cigarette in an environment of pure oxygen, the cigarette will burn hot enough to melt steel. In biology the reactants are never seemingly that concentrated and in fact may be so typically low, left to their own, that it would make life impossible if it were not for the work of enzymes. Enzymes in living cells are protein structures that function to catalyze reactions. There are two main types, metabolic and digestive.

Can This Really Help Anxiety, Depression, Memory, and Fatigue?

For many years now research has linked exercise with better physical health. More recently, a strong link has been established between mental health, improved brain function, and exercise. However, most of this research has focused on the effect of aerobic conditioning. As a trainer for 30 years, I’ve always found that another type of training was at least equally, if not more, important. In this article, we’ll look at the powerful, and perhaps surprising, benefits of strength training. It’s great for your body, heart, and mind!

ATP-Synthase – Is It a Plasma Gun?

The inner compartment of the mitochondria is convoluted. It’s shape is the result of electric forces distorting the membrane with proton flow creating the outer and inner cristae, but by two separate mechanisms. The inner membrane is the site of the electron transport chain reactions and it is extremely negatively charged. This charge separation creates a crystal form of water that has semi-conductor properties. In fact much of the inner compartment will have the electrical properties of a PNP-junction semi-conductor as a result of this. And in this environment the negative charge field is strong enough to break down the N region and force the protons out along the path of the outer cristae in a column, and ejects them into the outer compartment. Once so ejected and now removed from the strong crystal P-type region…

Plasma Biology

Energy is charge separation. This is not difficult to observe first hand with material reality, that is to say matter. Matter has both mass, and the character of displacing space, and this in turn is responsible for the charge separation we know as gravity as per Einstein.

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