Strawberry Cheesecake Overnight Oats ( high protein)

The Most Important Aspect of Holistic Healing

Perhaps the most important aspect of Holistic Healing and one of the reasons why it is on the way up is its perspective on responsibility. People who practice healing modalities that are less holistic in their approach tend to see disease and illness as things that just happen to people. In Holistic Healing the main concern is seeking the root causes for the health challenges that are taking place.

Tinnitus Miracle Review – Does This Miracle Cure Work?

In reviewing this program have found this could really work for you because Thomas Coleman the author himself had suffered this same problem for 14 years. Ringing in the ears is one of those things which can really put you off balance, affect you in the way you are not able to hear as well as you should, and just is plain uncomfortable, how do I know have been there myself.

Color Therapy and Aroma Therapy – Does It Work?

Color is all around us in every aspect of our lives. The same holds true for aromas and smells. Can they be used to help or heal our bodies? Maybe, maybe not.

Supporting Your Child’s Immunity With Chiropractic

Much research has been done in chiropractic to show the relationship between regular chiropractic adjustments and their effect on immune system function. This article is a brief summary on why consulting with a chiropractor for your child’s immunity is essential.

Reiki Training Facts

Have you ever pay attention to Reiki before? It is an ancient Japanese method of curing the body of a human being. The word Reiki is rightly pronounced as Ray-Key. What this remedial technique does is it provides positive remedial power into the body at the same time as it also supports and improves the body of its own normal healing procedure.

The Human Bowel – Seed, Feed, and Occasionally Weed Your Way Back to Health

What does your bowel have to do with arthritis, chronic disease, immune disorders, and other maladies? In my view, the most remarkable phenomenon in the entire field of human biology is this: A vast number of clinical problems that are seemingly unrelated to the bowel spontaneously resolve when the focus of clinical management turns to managing the bowel back to health!

Easy Ways to Naturally Cure Your Digestive Problems

If you are experiencing wind, bloating, indigestion, and gut infection, then you should try these three simple techniques to naturally cure all of your gut problems. First of all, you should eat plenty of whole natural foods which include a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Next, you need to include foods and nutrients that have a mild laxative effect in your diet. Finally, you should do exercise regularly and drink lots of water to really have a good elimination of all unwanted toxins in your intestinal tract and restore your digestion system to its original condition.

5 Secrets for Optimal Health

Five practical ways to achieve optimal health that your doctor won’t share with you which will help you to utilize the connection between your mind and body. Taking steps towards your mental and physical health, along with making your health a priority, enables you to live the fulfilling and joyful life which you deserve to live.

Best Natural Remedies For Cold

With the advent of the winter season, many people start having a lot of health problems. Most of them are allergy and bacterial problems. You might have noticed that every year when the winter comes, a lot of people start getting sick because of the excess of different bacterial germs in the air.

How To Feel Happier And Recharged In 10 Days Without Taking A Vacation

So many people are overworked and overstressed from their daily routine day after day. Yet many just don’t have the time to go on a vacation on a regular basis. This article will teach 5 simple yet effective steps on how to recharge the body and mind in 10 days.

Medicine in Your Backyard

After spending a lifetime getting your medicine from the pharmacy, it’s easy to forget that nature has already provided medicinal plants all over the world. If you look closely, you might even find some in your own backyard. Practice identifying them now because there may come a time when you need them. Here are 10 of the best medicinal plants.

Traditional Chinese Medicine – An Overview Of The Key Principles

The very sophisticated treatment modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that are used to achieve healing were developed over thousands of years by the Chinese. TCM served as preventative medicine to keep people healthy. Patients in ancient China would be seen by a doctor to prevent the onset of an illness rather than wait until they were already ill.

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