The BEST Herb/Plant For Blasting Body-FAT Part II – FENUGREEK SEEDS

Is Holistic Medicine The Smarter Route?

Are you wondering what holistic medicine is really all about? Do you wonder if it is a better idea than regular medicine? Well the answer is mostly yes. It is a lot better in most cases.

Liver Detox for Yeast Infection Cure

It is important to detox your liver on a regular basis to cure a yeast infection. This article will show you how to go about detoxing your liver.

My Herbal Cabinet: Heal-All Herb

Cold and flu season is just around the corner find out how you can keep you and your family healthy without the use of over-the-counter medicine. Sometimes the best medicine to keep us healthy can be grown right in our back yard.

Lemon Balm Health Benefits

Lemon balm has been used for countless generations to preserve good heath and treat ill health, and with good reason. Although scientific research has only recently began to back up the numerous claims of the health giving properties of this herb, many uses have evolved and many can be testified to.

Starting School And Staying Healthy

In the summertime everyone tends to stay up late, and sleep in. When changing that routine for back to school schedule, start the week before to minimize the crashing effect. Your body, your kids, and your immune system will thank you for it. It’s not just the kids who need this routine, but parents as well, just to keep a balance and not feel so whipped by the first week.

How To Deal With the Cause Of Pain And Disease, Not The Symptoms

Throughout the modern medical world, the word ‘therapy’ is commonly thought of as a procedure designed to relieve symptoms. There are many forms of therapy in the medical world but they tend to fall short when one looks at the big picture. Most forms of therapy in modern medicine don’t educate the patient about the importance of symptoms and pain within our metabolic system. Symptoms and pain are very necessary communications from our body to let us know that something is wrong. I caution you to not dismiss that fact as obvious, because modern allopathic medicine, more times than not, simply treat symptoms and numb the pain (silence the communication).

Understanding The Link Between Stress and Weight Gain

The Center for Disease Control showed statistically that two out of three Americans are obese or overweight, making people of ideal body weight, now the minority. At the same time, the weight loss and fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar money machine. The third that are of ideal body weight aren’t buying all of the weight loss “remedies”, and fitness gear. The problem has become an epidemic and it’s not difficult to see something is severely wrong.

The Silent Killer: Stress

It is no secret that we live in the most stressful time of history. It is the opinion of a growing number of health care professionals that stress has become a global health epidemic and stress is killing us, one by one. This article will show you how to change that.

Pain Management Verses Preventive Wellness

You only have to turn on your television and watch any commercial pushing another drug to see how out of control the health ‘care’ system has become. I keep thinking I’m watching an episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’ when they list all the side effects, but there is nothing funny about it! The FDA will approve anything if the price is right, without considering the long term consequences. We live in age where Pain Management makes more profit than true Preventive Wellness. This article explains why.

Eliminate Toxic Stress

It is no secret that stress has become an epidemic in our society, and is the cause of most disease and pain in our modern lives. The American Medical Association says “Ninety percent of all doctor visits are stress related.” The National Institute of Health says “Stress is the most common cause of all disease” and the The World Health Organizations says “The #1 health challenge in the world today is stress.” We have to eliminate toxic stress in our lives, and I’ll show you why.

The Human Body Is A Tensegrity Structure

The Tensegrity (Tension + Integrity) Model offers a more modern and insightful way to view the human body. Bones act as spacers which give us our structure and shape, and muscles, skin, and especially our connective tissue matrix sustains the tension in which makes our structure adaptable and whole. Analogies to a suspension bridge and a kite provide real live examples on the human “tensegritous” structure.

I Forget If I Have a Memory Problem

While working in my pharmacy I had a regular customer who came in monthly to purchase her memory pills (lecithin). She would walk in and say “Dave, I need my memory pills” and reach down and pick up a bottle and walk to the register. One day several months later, she walked into my store and said “Dave, I need my memory pills but forget what they are”.

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