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A Primer in Classical Homeopathy: How to Make the Interview Easier and More Productive

Knowing what to expect of the homeopathic process and what your homeopath is hoping to learn from you may make the interview more comfortable and more productive. The following is not a medical manual, but a primer for those looking to work with a classical homeopath. Hopefully, it will give you a good idea of what to expect and how to participate so you get the most out of it.

What Is Ayurveda And The Ayurvedic Diet?

Ayurveda is the “science of life” promoting longevity and has its roots from India extending back five to ten thousand years. Many people, especially in the west are unaware of Ayurveda and the Ayurveda diet which is designed to completely balance the body – physically, mentally and emotionally. Those who have heard of it (perhaps that’s why you are here reading this article) only get bits and pieces of the whole system.

Cholesterol: Should Medication or Herbs Be Used?

If we are told that we have high cholesterol we should consider what that means and what should be done about it. Does cholesterol harm the body? Medical science says that healthy cholesterol is actually needed for a healthy system. All cholesterol is not equal. Do we use drugs or a natural approach to reduce cholesterol?

Understanding the Doshas for Health

The doshas are the mind-body types as understood in Ayurveda. Ayurveda looks at a person holistically to determine their unique composition. Keeping the doshas balanced is the key to health.

What Are Herbal Tinctures?

Tinctures are herbal preparations in which the herbal constituents (active ingredients, both nutritional and medicinal) are extracted in an ingestible solvent, such as dilute alcohol (brandy, vodka, etc), apple cider vinegar, or vegetable glycerin. Which type of tincture is the best?

Using Holistic Methods For Stress Reduction

Unless you take the steps to reduce your stress, it has the potential to overwhelm you and also take over additional areas of your life. Work stress can rapidly affect your relationships by having your children, your partner, and can easily also lead you to seek out unhealthy techniques of self-medicating. These unhealthy techniques could include seeking out unhealthy treats, and even smoking or drinking.

Creating the Lifestyle of Your Dreams: 8 Tools for Creating a Life of Health and Wellness

As a lifestyle wellness coach, I believe that you already have the answers inside of you. The eight tools below that will serve as a basic guide to help you get started on your journey to total health and wellness.

Do You Treat Your Health As Good As Your Bank Account?

This is my contribution to all those out there that want to find a way to create a healthier life, for them and their families. And also hopefully make them more financially stable. Better health will lead to a better life style. So stay tuned.

Holiday Stress: Tis’ The Season to Be Anxious

This article describes ways to understand holiday stress as a time which triggers a child state of mind in all of us. Becoming aware of this shift into a child state provides the framework to handle this stress with more compassion and greater effectiveness.

Taking A Holistic Approach to Life

Taking a holistic approach to our lives is bold. It means being authentic to ourselves and questioning if we are doing things to impress our neighbors or friends (such as eating at fast food restaurants because your mates do). Holistic living is living in its boldest.

Reiki – An Holistic Approach to Health

Reiki is often advertised as a method of achieving relaxation and calm. A way to unwind after a stressful day at the office and ease your aching muscles, however it is much more than this. Reiki heals and energizes every part of your being fro your stubbed toe to the depths of your soul.

Ganoderma’s Information

Reishi Mushroom also known as Ganoderma Lucidum Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidium) is the most revered herbal substance in Asia, ranking as the elite substance for the attainment of radiant health, longevity and spiritual attainment. It ranks in Asia with Ginseng, Deer Antler, Rhodiola, and Cordyceps as a pre-eminent tool in the attainment of radiant health. It has maintained that position for at least 3000 years, and its reputation and value are only increasing.

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