The KETO Diet Is Anti-Biblical

The Minister Of Wellness Nathaniel Jordan discusses the anti-Biblical nonsense of the Ketogenic Diet.
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Traditional Chinese Medicine – The Process

Traditional Chinese Medicine includes acupuncture, bodywork and herbal remedies. The Sheen Nona Ben Cao, one of the oldest Asian Medicine texts, describes the hierarchy of healing which mirrors the hierarchy of human needs as proposed by psychologist Abraham Maslow.

Lose Weight in 10 Easy Steps with Traditional Chinese Medicine

10 free steps to losing weight according to the principles of Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine has a unique way of looking at and describing how the body works and offers its common sense approach to drop those extra pounds.

Beat Cold and Flu with Chinese Medicine

Are you dreading flu season? Wondering how to ward off that nasty cold? Look no further to Traditional Chinese Medicine to help you beat cold and flu this year. It can be prevented!

Are Herbal Remedies Right For You

Why is it that many people feel that Herbal Remedies are the answer to all their problems? Herbal Remedies can help with many different illnesses, but are Herbal Remedies right for you?

5 Herbal Remedies For Controlling Blood Pressure

Most of the herbal treatment options are easily available and happen to be very cost effective. Herbs can even offer permanent cure to your abnormal blood pressure. There are several effective herbs that help in controlling blood pressure. A few of them are discussed below.

Natural IBS Treatment With Traditional Chinese Medicine

There are many options available to you if you prefer to seek for a natural IBS treatment. This article discusses how TCM can be of help to relieve bloating and IBS symptoms.

What Is The Holistic Approach In Medicine

Many nowadays are reporting successes with holistic medicine. Find out why the approach of holistic medicines is a good one.

6 Herbal Remedies for Candida

The treatment methods for Candida are wide-ranging since the symptoms that it causes are so broad. Possible cures, such as probiotics, changing one’s diet so that it is as sugar-free and carb-free as possible, therefore depriving Candida of it’s main source of food and riding yourself of antibiotic treatment, which many consider the original cause of Candida are all popular choices. But if none of those options work for you, what can you do? There are several herbal and all-natural options available.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Better

Informational article about the difference between Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine. Should you go to a Western docter or try Alternative medicine. Explains why TCM works on the source of the illness and not on the symptoms.

Caution! Chinese Weight Loss Medicines: Bogus and Detrimental to Health

Diet pills like Phentermine, Adipex, Xenical and other drugs of their kind can doubtlessly provide you relief from the shackles of obesity but it would be absolutely foolhardy to assume that each and every diet pill can provide the same relief and is at par with the FDA approved weight loss medications.

Alternative Medicine Uses of Capsicum Or Cayenne Pepper As An Herbal Remedy

Alternative medicine practitioners have found capsicum is very beneficial as an herbal remedy. This natural herbal remedy has a variety of uses to treat common diseases from skin rashes to obesity, and relieve pain.

Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Basic Introduction

This is just a very basic description of what Traditional Chinese Medicine is and how it works.

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