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Overcoming Depression Naturally With Herbs

We all struggle with changes in mood or the frustrations of the day taking a toll on our mental health. Finding healthy, natural ways to balance challenges plays a key role in keeping our minds, bodies, and emotions in order. Without having to reach for a prescription medication you can support your well-being and help yourself overcome depression naturally.

5 Aloe Vera Uses That Are Often Overlooked

There are many aloe vera uses that are both confirmed by the medical community and accepted by the general public at large. Here are 5 aloe vera uses that you might not be familiar with.

Top Five Home Remedies for Sinus Infection

You can sometimes get a sinus infection as a result of your sinus openings being blocked especially for prolonged periods of time. The most common reason people get this is due to colds and allergies while other reasons include nasal bone spur and nasal polyps. This article provides top five natural remedies for sinus infections that are effective and safe.

Treating ADHD Without Using Drugs

Alternative methods of treating ADHD without using drugs has been on the rise. Many people are finding that other methods like natural remedies do work. There were many misdiagnosed cases that came to light in the media by medical experts in the field of ADHD exposing rash decisions made by family physicians.

Reiki Helps You Find the Passion of Your Life

What makes your heart sing and where is your passion? Passion is your guide to what you should do with life. Each day we spend time doing things. So we are literally spending our life! So make sure each day you walk your passion.

Infant Stuffy Nose Remedy – 3 Simple Guidelines for Parents

One of the most challenging part of being a parent is to watch over a sick child. Even if the illness is just a fever or a clogged nose, parents cannot bear watching their kids cry and suffer. If your child has clogged nose, it is crucial to find the right infant stuffy nose remedy to prevent it from getting worse.

Causes Of Leaky Gut – What Are The Catalysts Of This?

Without a doubt, dealing with annoying health issues can really bring you down. Leaky Gut Syndrome, or also known as intestinal hyper permeability, is one of…

Treatment For Leaky Gut – Are These Methods Effective?

A key element in the effectiveness and strength of one’s immune system is their intestinal wall or what’s more known as a gut. Intestinal walls would prevent…

Leaky Gut Treatment – What Are The Most Effective Methods?

Leaky gut syndrome is defined by an increased permeability of a person’s gut in response to undue inflammation and irritation of the intestinal walls. As this heightened permeability results…

Weight Loss Teas, Bilberry, White, Chickweed, and Theanine Tea

Did you know tea can help you lose weight? Pu-erh, Chickweed, and Bilberry Weed teas can help you shed those unwanted pounds.

How To Get Rid Of Canker Sores Fast

As a sufferer of canker sores for many years, I have personally tried and test many remedies that have helped a small amount with my pain. Obviously pain relief is a major factor if you have a canker sore, but it is also important to remove the sore so you can get on with your life without the pain. Lemon juice has a great effect on them if you are suffering.

Is Stress Contributing to Your Symptoms?

The same hormones which stimulate your body while you are stressed also stimulate the area in the brain that processes emotions, affect your ability to focus, increase the sensitivity in the nerves responsible for feeling pain, and increase your cravings for fats and sugars. Have you ever felt more anxious when you were exposed to a similar stressor that you have experienced in the past? Could this be mistaken for attention deficit disorder (ADD)? Could you be feeling more pain than you are supposed to because you are under chronic stress? Do you find yourself craving more sweets than usual?

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