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Create Good Fortune in 2012, the Year of the Dragon

The Year of the Dragon 2012 is a year when we may be able to achieve what seemed impossible before. An auspicious year in the Chinese horoscope, abundant energy and financial returns are possible. Learn about key points so that you can make your own good fortune.

Can Vinegar Cure Cancer?

Otto Warburg, a Nobel laureate claimed decades ago that cancer cannot exist in a well oxygenated environment. Cancer cells operate in order to survive by anaerobic metabolism (without oxygen) and this means that cancer cells live on subsistent levels of energy (ATP) production. In fact cancer cells are typically surrounded by a pool of lactic acid (the by-product of anaerobic metabolism), which on its own can reduce oxygen levels to a mere 5% of the environment of normal tissues. This acid pool acts as a barrier to oxygen being carried to cancer cells, and the rate of removal of the acids must exceed the rate at which they are being generated or else the condition is not curable.

Breathing Right for Holistic Health and Living

Holistic breathing is an important component in the art of living well because compromised breathing adversely affects the body, mind, and soul. Breathing right is natural breathing through the nose, and not the mouth, using the muscles of the diaphragm, and not those of the chest. Correct breathing contributes to awareness of self and others, which is mindfulness, the essence of human compassion. Breath is life.

How To Cure Your Body Safely And Holistically With Water!

We, as humans with a body, have an incredible, innate ability: The ability to heal ourselves against sickness and illnesses. We have a natural defense system that is capable of preventing bad health. When your body is at optimal health, it can defend against countless bacteria, viruses, parasites, and harmful toxins, without the help of over the counter medications, which can be a big hassle.

Oschman/Pollack, The Synthesis

The net result of photosynthesis is that oxygen is oxidised. Oxygen is an electrophilic, and steals electrons whenever it can, and it makes up 21% of the air that you breathe, so it is also abundant. Typically, oxygen, oxidises just about everything else, and the oxidation of oxygen is not a common intuitive occurrence that you might expect? And yet plants store chemical energy within their tissues by oxidising oxygen…it is pretty amazing!

Hypnotherapy For a Better You

Given the mind constantly evolves, creates, and directs our daily lives, we as clients and hypnotherapists constantly tap into its resources. The connections perceived become reality, as we gain new understandings when relieved of constraints placed upon us by our own conscious thoughts.

The Ancient Seas and Stomach Acid

Over the counter remedies for gastric distress is the leading non prescription medication sold in the western world, by far. Gastrointestinal health is also the single greatest determinant of a person’s health and happiness. No wonder we have so many unhealthy and unhappy people?

Speaking Sleep Deprivation: Holistic Health Counselor

There is literally a very long list of reasons that you would actually need to be able to get a full night of sleep and it is very important to learn this from the finest health coach. So many people have the problem of trying to sleep and this is on any given night. Lack of sleep causes many problems with being to lose and keep off any kind of weight.

Home Made Cleaning Products

You can easily make your own home made cleaning products by simply using some common natural non-toxic ingredients. Yes, it’s unbelievably easy, it will make your home smell great, kill germs, and help you achieve a healthier non-toxic home.

A Curcurmin Supplement for Your Health: Skip the Additives

If you’re anything like a lot of health conscious people these days-and I bet you are! You’re looking for a curcumin supplement to protect you from cancer, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease.

It’s Not Just the Weather: Tips for Winter Soul Survival

Just trying to get through the short, dark, dreary days of winter? Check out a few key tips to surviving the season and renewing your spirit.

Fibromyalgia – Information and Natural Self-Help Tips

In this article, learn natural ways to manage fibromyalgia symptoms. Don’t let pain and poor sleep prevent your from living life to the fullest. Here are some of the best, research-supported tips available.

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