THE SHIFT is episode one of our mental health series, THE PSYCHOLOGY OF JESUS. We explore how to navigate and use our faith to through unexpected circumstances.

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The 6 Top Health Benefits of Drinking Dandelion Tea Herbal Tea Remedies Explored

Drinking dandelion tea has been one of the most popular and well known herbal tea remedies for centuries. Who knew that this nutritional powerhouse, disguised as a weed, was so beneficial for you?

Doctor of Oriental Medicine (OMD) – A Growing Profession in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Oriental Medicine (OM) is a traditional Chinese medical practice that is based on the concept of balanced flow of energy through human bodies. Practiced for more than 2,500 years, it is one of the traditional forms of Chinese medicines that primarily include some of the traditional therapies like acupuncture, herbal medicine, and oriental massage. In this article, have an overview on this Chinese medicine and its growing popularity as a new profession in traditional Chinese medicine.

An Overview on Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine is a new emerging system of health care science that is gaining its popularity at tremendous pace. It primarily promotes a supportive relationship among all those involved, and leads towards the most favorable realization of the emotional, social and physical aspects of health. In this article, have an overview on holistic medicine and its booming career prospect.

Herbal Remedies – 3 Major Reasons Why We Should Use It

Whenever I get sick, I would almost always rummage for a medicine in our medicine cabinet. In other cases, I do not take any medication at all and just wait until I get better. Little did I know that I could have used herbal remedies and benefited a lot from it.

Herbal Stress Remedies

In today’s times, most of us suffer from the problem of stress. In this case, there are a lot of medicines and treatments being announced every few days to get relief from it.

Herbal Anxiety Remedies

Anxiety is an ailment that affects everyone at some point in their life. Others worry and fret more than others and are often diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

Herbal Remedies Information – Korean Ginseng

This article is part of a series giving information about herbs and their medicinal properties. We are going to look at Korean ginseng in this article.

Herbal Remedies Information – Plantain

This article is part of a series giving information about herbs and their medicinal properties. We are going to look at plantain in this article. You will find out what this herb is, how you can use it and the conditions that could be helped by plantain.

Difference Between Allopathic and Holistic Medicine

You may hear various difference terms when looking at treatments for your conditions. Two of the most common forms of treatment are allopathic and holistic medicine. In this article we will consider what each of these types of medicines are, where you will hear them mentioned and also what the significant differences between them are.

Chinese Herbal Medicines For the Common Cold

We’ve all heard it said “We can land spaceships on Mars, but can’t even cure the common cold.” The cold seems to be a humbling curse that is mankind’s burden forever.

Holistic Skin Care – Healing the Skin From the Inside Out

Holistic skin care involves taking care of your body inside and out. Practices include preventative measures or regular maintenance and treatments for existing problems. This article describes a regular routine that you can follow to insure that your skin’s appearance is the best it can be for the rest of your life.

Reflexology – The Holistic Approach to Your Healing

Reflexology is an old treatment method that goes back almost 5000 years when certain types of pressure therapy were practiced in Egypt, India, China and Japan. An Egyptian wall painting was found in a tomb of a physician at Saqqara that shows patients being treated on their feet and hands.

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