The SLAVE THEOLOGY Of The Black Church Has Taught Our People To Live WICKEDLY & Eat WICKEDLY

The Minister Of Wellness Nathaniel Jordan discusses the wicked way of eating and living taught in the Black Church.
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Herbal and Other Remedies for Gallbladder Problems

herbal and other remedies that can be used to treat an inflamed gallbladder. An inflamed gallbladder is an extremely painful condition. It can cause abdominal pain and discomfort just under the ribs on the right hand side and sometimes into the upper central part of the abdomen. Food intolerances have been found to be related to inflammation of the gallbladder and the diet needs to be carefully examined.

Lose Weight and Gain Better Health with Herbal Remedy

Obesity is one of the major problems that a lot of people are suffering right now. The numbers of obese or overweight is even increasing every now and then.

Remove Fire Poisions With Chinese Herbal Medicine Jin Yin Hua

Chinese herbal medicine jin yin hua is thought to be able to remove heat and for releasing toxins and poisons from your body. Chinese traditional medicine has been using this herb for thousands of years. In the west, this herb is commonly known as honeysuckle. Read more about the jin yin hua or honeysuckle here.

High Cholesterol Herbal Remedies

The only criteria that can warn you of possible high cholesterol level is a routine check up with your blood. Some un-certified doctors may say that there are some symptoms but they are not specific to high cholesterol levels.

Treat Stress Safely and Effectively With Herbal Remedy

Most people suffer from stress. But some just neglect it and let it be.

Hoodia Gordonii – Natural Herbal Remedy to Lose Weight

You now feel bad about being obese or overweight but you have to know that you really have to do something about it. Because if not it can harm your health.

A Healthy Holistic Approach

If you want maximum performance in your lifestyle then you must put the best ingredients into your body. Of all the prerequisites for health and happiness…

Hoodia Gordonii – Best Herbal Remedy to Fight Obesity

Suffering from obesity? Are you starting to envy other who can wear everything they want? Obesity is cause of having too much calories intake than the calories burn out from the body. So you have to do things that can burn out the excess calories on your body.

Herbal and Natural Remedies For Colon Problems

Finding natural solutions to maintaining colon health is obviously a great approach. Introducing chemical-based prescription medications into the body can have adverse affects. Many people believe that the benefits of taking laxatives or over the counter enemas far outweighs any harm they may experience as a result of the chemicals that compromise these solutions.

Herbal Remedies: Age Old Solutions to Modern-Day Ailments

Many of us seem to hold a double standard over the use of herbal medication. The dominance of pharmaceuticals in the global health care industry has somehow reduced the relevance of herbal medicine to a first aid remedy we can use to get by while waiting for a prescription drug, or to only treat very simplistic ailments. But who can blame us for this backward perception? The images we often conjure of herbalists is often of a quack doctor like those portrayed in films, mysterious fellows who live in the wild and only use plants to cure their patients.

Mint Herbal Remedy – More Than Just A Breath Freshener

Mint can be used as a herbal remedy for different ailments. You probably equate mint to the flavoring used in toothpaste or your chewing gum. However, mint can be used more extensively than just as a breath freshener or even as a flavoring for your cooking.

Weight Loss – Why An Holistic Approach To Weight Loss Is Best

People have problem areas. Even people, who have achieved their ideal body weight, will still have problem areas. I know I’m one of them – at 57 it’s my “love handles” With others it could be flabby arms, sagging skin or the hips. Then you will find the market is offering all sorts of products, from creams and applications to get rid of the fats to gadgets and machines to tone the arms, thighs or the legs. However, we all have to face the hard truth. You cannot spot reduce. The attempt to do so is not going to work and it could be detrimental to your resolve and well being.

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