Tryout Thursdays with Fitness Snob

This week on Tryout Thursdays with Fitness Snob we are punching our way into the weekend. One of my all time favorite instructors, Sho @shoMOfitness, is going to lead us through a kickboxing class. Sho has a big personality that will make this full body workout so much fun PLUS it will get your cardio level into overdrive so that you are still burning calories well after class has ended! This is just one of the fitness formats Sho teaches. Visit to learn more abou all of her classes and to see her full fitness schedule.

About Tryout Thursdays
Remember being a Fitness Snob isn’t about judging others; it’s about cultivating a fitness lifestyle that shows you know what’s best for you AND being unapologetic about your fitness preferences. Tryout Thursdays is an opportunity to try different fitness formats to learn what works best to keep you motivated to maintain your fitness routine. Join me every Thursday at 8am to Tryout. 😉

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