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The Holistic Approach to the Adrenal and Thyroid Glands

This article provides specific and detailed information on the holistic approach to problems with the thyroid and adrenal glands. It focuses on diet, nutrition, detoxification and natural supplements.

The Holistic Approach to Kidney Disease

This article provides specific and detailed information on the holistic approach to prevent and reverse kidney disease. It explains the function of the kidneys. It focuses on diet, nutrition, detoxification and natural supplements.

The Holistic Approach to Bladder, Urinary Tract Infections and Sinus Infections

This article describes in detail the holistic protocol to treat bladder, urinary tract infections and sinus infections an how to prevent and treat the flu. These infections affect many each year. The holistic protocol involves the use of diet, supplements and essential oils and other products to combat infections and bring the body back into balance and good health. It focuses on destroying microbes by boosting the immune system and with supplements that target them.

How Long Will It Take For Me To Get Better?

Patients want to know when will they get better? Medical treatments that involve medication often respond quickly by suppressing symptoms, yet require taking medication indefinitely. Holistic health procedures may offer complete healing or cure, but the process takes time. What can patients do to help themselves?

Reduce Inflammation in Two Steps

Think about a day where your mind is clear, you have tons of energy, your stomach feels light, your skin is glowing, you are articulate and confident, free of pain, and you feel like you can conquer the world. That’s not utopia. It could be your reality once you know how to reduce the inflammation in your body. This article explains how you can turn off the inflammatory responce in two steps.

Ayurvedic Healing Methods – Panchakarma

Ayurveda is the ancient medicinal approach to better health by alleviating suffering, eliminating disease and increasing your spiritual nature and balance. In the quest for greater health many of us embrace new lifestyles, eating habits or adopt new philosophies. The process can often be overwhelming and the results less than rewarding when results are minimal, and expenses tallied. To slice through the heaps of options, many of us simply seek to find balance. The challenge is how to find balances if you don’t know what your imbalances are.

How Medical Tourism Is Changing The Face of Tampa

The blue waters and the sunny beaches have attracted tourists from all across the world for ages. However, much has changed over the past few years and has given the Sunshine State a new identity – the place for evolving medical tourism. Thanks to the many wellness centers in Tampa and others parts of Florida, along with the government’s dedicated attempt, the state has developed exceptionally to match the global standards of medical assistance.

Did You Know If You Don’t Have Your Health You Really Have Little?

If you are struggling with minor to major health issues you deserve to regain your health. I am not talking about masking the issue with OTC and/or prescription drugs or cutting out body parts. I am talking about healing the core wound that the symptom manifested to deliver the message that the body area needs healing… and you get to watch the wonderful, exciting improvements come to your health in a relatively short period of time! Healing is the most rewarding life mission you can ever imagine!

The Sleep Angle to Beating Depression

We all know that getting a good night’s sleep can make all the difference to how great you feel the next day. But did you know that it can also play a key part in helping you stay out of depression?

What Are the Eight Sure Ways of Attaining Permanent Health and Wellness?

Health and wellness is a matter of choice. How you live today directly impacts your health tomorrow. Make a wise choice now.

Past, Present and the Future

Whenever we talk of time, particularly the time periods, these are the three different frames, which occupy our mind. The Past- which signifies the time which is already gone and will never come back, the Present- which is being experienced by all at the current moment, the moment which we all are living in real time and the Future- that unforeseen time which holds to be unfolded and which contains a store of unknown surprises. Today, it becomes most important to understand this because it gives a meaningful insight into the evolution of various things, studying their nature and intensity and developing an idea of how their future will be.

Meaning of Palmistry

Since the tradition of palm reading, also known as chiromancy, dates back through many millennia to several different cultural traditions, there are many variations in palmistry methods. All methods, however, involve the same fundamental practice of examining the lines that crisscross the palm of the hand and interpreting their meanings.

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