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Mental Health and Substance Abuse Programs: Holistic Coping Methods

Coping and overcoming a mental illness or recovering from substance abuse is difficult alone. Utilizing county outlets to learn coping methods and receive peer support. It is more beneficial to have a support group.

Symptoms Of Insomnia And The Benefits Of Using Hypnosis

According to reports in the guardian it appears that 51.3% of us are suffering with the symptoms of insomnia. Are you one of those who struggle to sleep? People who suffer with insomnia for a day or two will not even realise they are experiencing insomnia, they will just say they had a dreadful night’s sleep. Medically this is known as acute insomnia.

Backyard Medicine: Medicinal Plants of the Sonoran Desert

The desert may be a dry and desolate place however the plants that have adapted to the arid climate produce very potent medicine. Some plants have multiple medicinal qualities and uses. Listed are 6 common plants with the medicinal properties that can be found in the desert.

What Is The Theory Behind Holistic Medicine?

Alternative treatment methods are usually chosen when modern-day medicine has not been successful and a patient becomes anxious about finding a cure. One such alternative treatment is holistic medicine, which has once again come back into the spotlight.

Eating Earth

Why eat closer to Earth? Eating earth given foods connects all to Mother Earth, to nature, to our inner being and spirit. It brings all to life.

Is Mixing Natural Therapies With Chemotherapy Safe?

The short answer is there is no hard and fast rule. Each case must be judged on its individual merit.

Holy Shirt

To Native people the selling of their holy objects as commercial art at auctions is an insult. Masks, altarpieces, kachinas, medicine bundles, even clothing, are seen as sacred objects that bind its people together; those “objects” give stories their power. Our survival as a species is not transmitted through our DNA but through our stories.

Achieving Balance In Nutrition and Life

How do we best achieve a balance of health after we have abused our bodies? Should we work out heavily to balance poor nutrition? Go on a fast to make up for that huge meal? Begin a 30 day cleanse to reset our system after years of abuse? Find out what true balance is, and how it’s achieved.

Detox Vs Cleanse Q and A

What is the difference between a liver detox and a cleanse? How can each help and what are they best used for? This and lots more in our Detox vs Cleanse Q & A.

Make Big Changes In Your Life With This Natural Energy Booster

Want to tap into some healthy energy in order to make big life changes? This natural energy booster is the best way to fuel you up. Find out how it can help you tackle your goals and succeed.

The Great Escape – Winter Vacations and Your Health

Winter vacations are fun, but can wreak havoc on your health. Here are some tips to prevent illnesses and what to expect when you are away.

Simply Breathe and Simply Relax

Explore the wonderful internal experience you have going on. It all starts with one deep, but not forced, belly breath.

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