What Is The REAL Definition Of A COON?

The Minister Of Wellness Nathaniel Jordan analysis the overused accusation word “COON.” It is important to understand what “COONING” is, because we don’t want to support any Black Person advocating on the behalf of people or ideologies destructive to our people.
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Alternative Medicine – Herbal Remedies in Acid Reflux Treatment

How times have changed! The use of alternative medicine has become hugely popular over the last 10 – 15 years. The general public has tightly embraced many alternative therapies in a world filled with superbugs, avian flu and numerous other horrifying disease and afflictions. It’s now becoming increasingly common for doctors to refer patients to aromatherapists and acupuncturists in combination with their own pharmaceutical treatments.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Be Beneficial

Traditional Chinese medicine has been found to be able to ease the side effects of prescription medications and medical treatments such as chemotherapy and successfully treat several types of chronic illnesses.

Understanding Herbal Health Remedies: What They Are, And Which Ones Are Right For You

Do you prefer all-natural alternatives to prescription and over-the-counter drugs? If so, check out some of the tried and true herbal health remedies that people have been using for centuries—including Mayans, Aztecs, and ancient Roman and Egyptian cultures. The medicinal benefits of herbs haven’t changed in the hundreds of years they’ve been in use, so we can learn from the practices and wisdom of our ancestors.

Herbal Remedies From Your Crisper Drawer

Find out about some easy herbal remedies that you can make from everyday foods.

What’s Better Than Herbal Remedy?

The last several years have witnessed a tremendous flood of interest in alternative therapies – especially those having a long history of use in different cultures throughout the world.

Taming Stress With Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Want to know more about treating stress and anxiety with acupuncture? This article explains how stress and anxiety make us sick from the standpoint of Chinese medicine and offers tips for alleviating stress and taming anxiety.

Things You Want to Know on Herbal Remedies For Infertility

Despite its long history in the oriental regions, western medicine is still reluctant to endorse the practice as an integral part of infertility treatments. One simple reason may present us that such alternative medicines cannot be supported by the medical science that we were oriented to.

Herbal Remedies – Yarrow, Good for the Blood and Much More

Herbal remedies have been used for thousands of years. These herbal medicinals can help from nosebleeds to blood pressure to heart problems.

Do Chinese Herbal Remedies Really Work?

It’s often said that the older we get the more stuck in our ways we become. In fact, studies have shown that it’s around the age of 35 when folks stop listening to new music or trying out new foods etc. However, this observation does not seem to apply with regards to alternative medicine and healing methods, and in particular Chinese herbal remedies. Is it that we’re losing faith in conventional medicine or just that older folks are more concerned about the potential adverse reactions caused by traditional treatments?

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine consists of animal, mineral materials and plant species. They are prescribed in the form of formulae – a combination of herbs – than individually. The combination of herbs enhances the medicinal effects. Unwanted side effects are also neutralized by combining different herbs.

Making Herbal Remedies – What is a Decoction?

Throughout the world people are turning to herbal remedies, but many are intimidated by the complex jargon that masks the simplicity of homemade herbal cures. Well now you can learn how to make your own, natural, homemade herbal remedies in plain simple english.

Crohn’s? IBS? Colitis – Acid Reflux – Try Holistic Medicine

Do you have gastrointestinal problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Colitis, Crohns Disease, Acid Reflux Disease, among many others? Are you sick (literally) and tired of going from doctor to doctor only to be handed a prescription slip and pushed out the door?

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