What’s the best diet to follow?


What’s the best diet to follow? This question is asked by many people but is another common misconception when trying to lose weight or just adjust to a healthier lifestyle. The “best diet” just does not exist. This is because many people have many different goals. For example, a football player trying to bulk up is not going to drink only juice, a sedentary human who is looking to lose weight is not going to eat five meals a day, and a healthy child is not going to go on a 30-day sea moss fast.

Besides all of this, there is a general umbrella of eating you should adhere to. Don’t eat processed, refined, or convenience foods such as fast food hamburgers, fast food pizza, microwave popcorn, soda, fruit punch with high fructose corn syrup, and others. Instead, you should try to eat vegetables, fruits, and drink a lot of water, and limit your animal product intake.

The best diet to follow

What exactly would be the best diet to follow?

Well, for starts, the best diet would be one that helps you live longer. It would be one that helps you lose weight. It would be one that makes you overall healthier.

The best diet would be one that helps you to have more energy; it would help you to have a much clearer and efficient brain. The best diet would also be very affordable.

The best diet would not hurt your pockets. It would not be a short term thing. The best diet would not be a one month fad that you pick up and drop once you get to a healthy weight.

No. The best diet would be a complete lifestyle change that allows you to live healthier, longer, more happy, more energized, more efficient, and more affordably.

Before we move onto this long anticipated diet, let us first examine why most diets fail.

Why do most diets fail?

Most diets fail for a myriad of reasons. People don’t have the discipline to stick with the diet: people get tired of cutting calories. Here is a list of common reasons why diets fail.

  • They are focused on will power.
  • They focus on calories.
  • They focus on low-fat eating.
  • They do not treat hidden lurking variables such as lack of gut health.
  • They do not focus on creating a healthy environment.
  • Health is not a star falling out of the sky. Health is planned. Having your house filled with tempting junk food is not a good way to plan health.
  • They do not focus on the quality of food eaten.
  • Not having support.
  • Setting goals that are not realistic.
  • Giving up too easily.
  • Not treating yourself to cheat days and cravings.
  • No set goals.
So how do I correctly diet?

To be completely honest, there is not correct diet; however, there is a diet that has been shown to prevent most major death-causing diseases, help you lose weight, and help you keep that weight off.

There is one catch though.

It is not a diet. It is a lifestyle change. You won’t get permanent results if you don’t have permanent change. To want permanent results without permanent change, you must be wanting to have your cake and eat it too.

You can’t have all of the good and none of the bad. You can’t eat junk food, not exercise, and not get enough sleep, yet you expect to be healthy, and you expect to not have health complications.

If you want to be healthy, feel healthy, and live healthy, you have to have a healthy lifestyle. What you intake into your body must be healthy; what you do must be healthy, and what you think must be healthy.

For example, you can’t expect yourself to not get lung cancer if you smoke. You can say, “I will smoke in moderation”; however, you may not get lung cancer as soon as if you smoked more; nonetheless, you still get lung cancer.

If you never smoked at all, there would be no risk for you getting lung cancer. Ah yes: environmental factors; however, that is not your main factor for lung cancer; your main risk is your own smoking habits.

The long anticipated best diet

The long anticipated best diet is a whole food plant based diet. That is it. Just put natural food into your body that was meant to be there. Processed foods, junk foods, and refined foods are not nutrient rich; they do not have the quality necessary to fuel your body correctly; therefore, they starve your body of nutrients, and they make you hungrier.

Make sure you drink lots of water; make sure you get enough sunlight; make sure you get your exercise, and make sure that you live stress free. You can promote a stress free life by meditation, laughing, deep breathing, and getting a more restful sleep.

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