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Healer See Thyself – Benefits of Coaching For Holistic Practitioners

Partnering with a coach is a transformative experience that allows us to see around our inner obstacles and create a future where we live out dreams, walk our talk, and take action to manifest our best future. While it’s possible to choose a separate life and business coach, for holistic practitioners have challenges that are different from most small business owners, so a hybrid life and business coach are aware of those specific needs and challenges is a wise choice.

How to Wisely Choose a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

You’ve decided that you’d like to discuss your health and/or to seek treatment from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner. You’re certainly joining good company. Traditional Chinese Medicine stretches back over 3,000 years and has helped millions of people to conquer countless maladies over the centuries.

Did You Know That Fibroid Cure is Possible With Herbal Remedies?

Numerous women the world over suffer from fibroids during their reproductive years. In the recent past the number of uterine fibroid treatment options available for women to choose from has also widened. These range from surgical options to natural or herbal cure. The important thing for you to note is that the treatment for uterine fibroids with the help of herbs will only help in reducing the size of existing fibroids.

What You Should Know About Holistic Alternative Medicine

Over the past few years, the costs associated with health care have skyrocketed. Without insurance to cover medical, dental, and prescription drug needs many people are forced to go without necessary medical care.

Multiple Interests Line Up Against Holistic Healing

There are many people who think of those interested in holistic healing as out of touch “hippie types” who have abandoned common sense in support of unproven theories inconsistent with mainstream scientific research. The fact that people feel that way is not an accident. Holistic health is under attack from a variety of outside forces with an agenda that may not have much to do with encouraging the well-being of others.

Herbal Remedies – How to Keep Male Urinary Tracts Infection Free

Urinary tract infections may be common to the female species due to their shorter urethra’s but this doesn’t imply that males are impervious to this type of systemic disorder. The article will discuss briefly the common causes, symptoms, related risks and herbal remedies that can be administered to men suffering from bouts of urinary tract infection.

Herbal Remedies As Appetite Stimulants For Children

Read from this article a rundown of traditional stimulants and supplements administered to boost a child’s appetite. We’ve also prepared a short list of herbal remedies popular in the practice of alternative medicine and standardized herbal supplements that have been developed in contemporary times to resolve appetite issues in children.

Lose Weight and Detoxify With Dandelion Herbal Remedy

Dandelion Herbals look so simple, but these small plants have real powerful effects that can help you detoxify your body well. Everyone knows that there are many herbal remedies that can be bought in specialty stores that are not only medical properties but also fat and toxin elimination that is a great way to keep healthy and fit.

Overactive Bladder – Four Herbal Remedies to Control it

Because natural herbal remedies are difficult to patent, only a few institutions allocate a budget for clinically proving their effectiveness. Still, there are a number of botanical remedies that have undergone clinical testing and are being highly-recommended by doctors and other medical experts. Below are some of the herbal medicines for treating an overactive bladder.

Flabby Upper Arms – A Holistic Approach

Often forgotten in our quest for weight loss is our flabby upper arms. We really don’t think much about it until summer rolls around and the sleeves come off. For men it is only a slight distraction but the problem seems to be magnified with women. The traditional concept of arm exercises has proven rather ineffective and now health and fitness experts are recommending a new approach.

Chinese Herbal Medicine and the H1N1 Virus

Many people are concerned about the H1N1 flu virus this winter. Though many key clinical questions remain, we do know more about the virus now than we did in the spring of 2009. Flu season usually runs from October to March, in the US, with peak months usually occurring in November and February.

Holistic Healing in Ten Steps

Many of us are interested in a new approach, or a more common sense approach, to our personal health. Holistic health is using what nature provides us to maintain a healthy body. This article provides ten steps to achieving a personal holistic lifestyle.

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